The TV Thread


Thinking of checking this out:


duh. of course!


suits is a guilty pleasure.


I liked the way Sharp Objects ended.
Anybody watch yet?

Make sure you keep watching the credits for an extra scene.


man those last 2 episodes felt like they lasted 8 hours - all for that sad sack shitty ending. Meh. I dislike Gone Girl immensely. I will be giving anything to do with Gillian Flynn a wide berth from now on.


me fucking too. NO SPOILERS ON THE ENDING.

i made it that fucking far…i have two more episodes. i save it for when there’s shit all else to watch.

how bout this:


I liked the last two episodes the best. Finally shit starts happening.

Do not read anything if you want to be surprised. And please watch through credits for a last scene you’re not expecting.


Yeah, DUH!
:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grin:


i told you it was who we thought it was. jerk face!


Yes but I still liked the way it ended.


It was lame


Ending was stupid. I read an interview with Gillian Flynn and they kept asking if her or the other writers thought about changing the ending. I mean it was her first novel, so I can forgive some of the denoument but I didn’t need the graphic scene in the closing credits. Show looked great and the acting was quality but the material was just lacking.


DLing it right now!!
Will probably watch it tomorrow. :+1:t2:


I just finished watching Patrick Melrose.
What did Mrs. Highlife think of the books?


She said “I liked it. It was terrible. Bad people. Doing bad things to children.”

She didn’t elaborate so as not to spoil the plot for me.


Yes, what Mrs. Highlife said.
Story-wise, it’s not something I’d usually watch or read but I enjoyed watching the TV series. I didn’t read the books so I can’t compare them but it was made well and acting-wise, Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job as the main character.


Norm Macdonald has a show

The Jane Fonda episode is worth watching.

I loved his earlier podcast Norm Macdonald Live. I’m glad he’s on Netflix, but I don’t think there will be a second season.


So good! Hugh Grant is excellent as Jeremy Thorpe.


I don’t watch a great deal of TV these days but A Very English Scandal was superb.


I too enjoyed it. Didn’t think it would run into dark humor territory, but it did.