The TV Thread


This was good, too. (Not as good as A Very English Scandal but still enjoyable.)



Recently re watched all 3 series of The Fall , so good ! also watched The Deuce series 1 .


This is so good!!


when is season 2 out?

it is a good show…little cheeky and cheesy at times…my girls really like it


I loved her other show which was called fleabag. Required watching as far as I’m concerned.


I haven’t seen any definite dates yet but it’s supposed to be next year.

Yup! It is cheeky (and cheesy) and that’s what makes it fun. :+1:t2:
Plus, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are so good in their roles.


I’ve had that show on my EHD since it came out but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. I’d read really good things about it so I had planned on watching it but wasn’t really sure what it was about so it just sort of stayed there.


Great show. But it is paced, as an arc, like a theater piece in a way (and was based on one). In movies you know what you’re watching after 30% of run time. With theater, reveals can happen later. I’d say you have to get into episode 4 or 5 (of six total) before it lays down it’s cards, so stick it out–it’s worth it. It’s not just some cheeky little jaunt like it appears to be in episodes 1-3.


That’s good to know. Thanks!
I probably would have stopped watching it if the first episode or two didn’t grab my interest/attention. I’ll definitely check it out now.
Killing Eve was like that. It was interesting right from the first episode.


All caught up with The Good Wife now (finally!!).
The last season was a mess but all in all it was still a good show.

I’m almost finished with season 2 of The Good Fight. So good!
Looking forward to season 3!


i liked it too but my wife didn’t so i never got back to it.


Well, you’re a busy girl !! Glad you’re up to Speed now UV :grin: .


Restart it and stick with it. It’s worth it.


Killing Eve season 2: April 7, 8 p.m. ET.



I’ll tell my kids
They will be more excited than anyone :slight_smile:


Good one !! something on the tele to look forward to .


Anyone watch “Magic for Humans” on Netflix?

Fairly astonishing street magic.


I’ll have to check this out. Thanks.


i loved it!