The TV Thread



The Good Fight Season 3 starts next month: 3/14


Excellent! Not long now .


Just started this. It’s pretty funny.


Anyone watch Forever on Amazon Prime with Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph?

It’s funny, existential, and just a touch dark.


i think everyone will hate me here when i say that i can’t stand fred armisen…

i love maya rudolph though.


I can’t stand him either. I tried to watch Portlandia and gave up in disgust.


He plays the same confused ax murderer in everything.


I don’t hate Fred Armisen at all. Documentary Now is one of the best shows on TV


Armisen just seems naturally funny to me. Even when he’s doing a serious role, I find him appealing and hilarious.

I knew Nick would agree.


I like Fred too. He plays drums and guitar as well I believe.


New Alan Partridge and Fleabag. Genius.


Finally, someone who has seen Fleabag. I been yodeling in a canyon for years now.

Course, you’re in the UK, so you know about it.


Fleabag is my favorite show.


Yes, in the UK.
I’m honestly not too sure if British comedy travels well but pleased to see that Fleabag does. We have new Alan Partridge and Fleabag episodes on Monday nights here and Monday has ended up being my favourite night of the week.


Anyone seen Love, Death, & Robots (Netflix)? Produced by David Fincher.

I haven’t. My sensibilities have changed, but maybe this is creative enough to look past the porn aspects of it. Don’t know.


well i do know this looks like shit and isn’t for me.

let me know how it goes for you though!!! :wink:


Lots of animated cocks and cunts on that show. I loved it. lol


I watched the first 60 seconds of Fleabag.


you liked death cunts and robots but you didn’t like fleabag?

fleabag is genius and laugh out loud…only reason i can’t watch it is cause my wife doesn’t care for it.


Baby steps.