The TV Thread


She spent most of that minute talking to “me”. Not interested.


You’re missing out. It takes a few episodes to settle into what it actually does. It’s based on a theatre piece, so it has different pacing than a regular TV show or movie, and yes, she speaks to the camera, just as she spoke directly to the audience in the theatre.


It is wonderful! I loved it.


Since you asked, the first episode seemed like a wet dream a porn-hub premium subscriber computer programmer with a wish for an MMA career might have.

The 2nd episode was thoughtful, cultural commentary, and humorous.


i’m still gonna pass :wink:


Looking forward to watching this:


looks damn fun


Thought it was your kind of thing! :grin:


uhhh duh.

costner and woody? that’s like a wet dream i had once



Just once?


Did you see it, Rodknee?
I finally watched it last night. I really enjoyed it.

I had not idea that that was how the whole thing happened.
Really interesting to watch and Woody & Costner were great together.


I loved it!!! So did the missus

I loved that we never saw the bad guys
All from the perspective of those two cops


Yes! That made it different and interesting. I had no idea that it was these two guys who were responsible for ending Bonnie & Clyde’s crime spree. I’m glad Frank Hamer & Many Gault got the recognition that they deserve.


i just love woody in everything he’s in. very underrated actor imo


Me, too. I love Woody!
All the way back from his Cheers days.


Really enjoyed this one.