The TV Thread


She spent most of that minute talking to “me”. Not interested.


You’re missing out. It takes a few episodes to settle into what it actually does. It’s based on a theatre piece, so it has different pacing than a regular TV show or movie, and yes, she speaks to the camera, just as she spoke directly to the audience in the theatre.


It is wonderful! I loved it.


Since you asked, the first episode seemed like a wet dream a porn-hub premium subscriber computer programmer with a wish for an MMA career might have.

The 2nd episode was thoughtful, cultural commentary, and humorous.


i’m still gonna pass :wink:


Looking forward to watching this:


looks damn fun


Thought it was your kind of thing! :grin:


uhhh duh.

costner and woody? that’s like a wet dream i had once



Just once?


Did you see it, Rodknee?
I finally watched it last night. I really enjoyed it.

I had not idea that that was how the whole thing happened.
Really interesting to watch and Woody & Costner were great together.


I loved it!!! So did the missus

I loved that we never saw the bad guys
All from the perspective of those two cops


Yes! That made it different and interesting. I had no idea that it was these two guys who were responsible for ending Bonnie & Clyde’s crime spree. I’m glad Frank Hamer & Many Gault got the recognition that they deserve.


i just love woody in everything he’s in. very underrated actor imo


Me, too. I love Woody!
All the way back from his Cheers days.


Really enjoyed this one.


I watched the latest Game Of Thrones episode. It was the battle Royale episode.

I had started from the beginning quite a while back, but only got through the first three episodes at the start of the series. Not the kind of thing I’m really into much… so we just skipped ahead to the current.


This thing is like Sam Peckinpaugh meets Quentin Tarantino. Too much blood and gore for my taste. The dragons were animated pretty cool though.

That shit went on and on and on. No thank you.


i’m w/ you dougo
it took me 3 times through the first 3 episodes…then i was hooked and i think it’s some of the best tv out there.

overall, 4 bottle caps out of 5


Calling it ‘beheadings and boobs’ is in one sense accurate and at the same time reductive.

Yes there is gore, but it is generally earned and not a constant. To jump right to that big battle would put anyone off. It’s the characters and story that have made its reputation. Simpletons who want tits and blood gave up on it long ago.

Still, not for everyone.


And, judging from reviews, constant rape. The older I get, the less violence I can watch. I skipped it even when I had HBO.