The TV Thread


I watch for the beheadings and boobs.


The rape in the show is far from constant. The discussion of it, on the other hand, is. After the ceaseless violence perpetrated against men, women and children, to single out rape as ‘crossing the line’ rings hollow.

When a main male character was held prisoner, tortured physically and psychologically, and ended up having his penis cut off and being forced to act as a constant object of derision and ridicule with the name ‘Reek’–no backlash. Woman is sold off in marriage and raped in her wedding night? People cancel their HBO subscription.

I’m not making excuses for it. But the whole world Martin conceived of is a place where life, like Hobbes would say, is nasty, brutish, and short. All sorts of violence occurs to people at every level of society and to dis-include rape would nullify his concept.

In 8 seasons, I can remember two scenes of actual rape, and neither lingered; they were set up, started and done with. I could not quantify the amount of other sorts of violence, all of which were seen through to their end.

But we live in a country (some of us) that is inured to violence. Nothing’s shocking.

tl;dr: Excessive coverage of comparatively little rape, given the exponentially more prevalent other forms of violence.


I should point out that when I say ‘to single out rape rings hollow’ I’m talking about the media, not @mutineer.


Honestly, I’m just not into comic book or zombie movies. This seems like both to me.


It’s Lord of the Rings for adults.

And also part soap opera.

By way of praise, it has plenty of male and female fans.


I’m sure If I had watched the first couple episodes again - or more closely - and followed the plot I’d be more interested. It is very well made, and seems to be reasonably well-written.

It’s just when I see people dressed like that, marching around with their weapons I say to myself “oh another one of these” and check out.

My daughter just loves this show and she has been talking about it for years.

I just don’t have HBO or that much patience.


So Catastrophe’s final season is pretty funny .


The whole show is awesome


Yes it is, absolutely brilliant !


Bosch is still a really good show. Season 5 came out recently.


Yeah I’ve seen a few seasons of Bosch, I think I must have seen up to 4 , it was on the tele here late last year .


Agreed, Welliver plays him very well. Matches up to the character from the books which is difficult to get right.


I thought I was the only Bosch fan around here. Season 5 was good but had the least interesting crimes yet. But next season has at least one serial killer, so…


Is anyone using TUBI.TV? It’s an app on many devices, free with signup, no credit card needed. Legit.

But it does have commercials that you can’t skip. Apparently a healthy amount of them. UPDATE–just watched a show, not a lot of commercials.

I am amazed by the stuff there. The Point, Decline of Western Civilization I-III, Patty Smith live at Montreaux, Chet Baker–Candy, Festival Express; tons of B-Movies from the 60s through the 80s; sections for LGBT, Popular on Rotten Tomatoes, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Happy to have found it! Watching Teenage Superstars tonight, and maybe one of two Smiths docs.


Also–anyone watch the Netflix show ‘Dead to Me’? It was interesting.


Only four skits in, but I love “I think you should leave” (on Netflix)


Season 2 of The Sinner wasn’t available here until recently on Netflix. I loved S 2. I had no real impression of Bill Pullman until now. He is terrific in both seasons. S2 of Mindhunter is also excellent. The episode where they interview Charles Manson was incredible. Damon Herriman (who also plays CM in the Tarantiino movie) completely nails it in an almost frightening way.


Is anyone watching ‘Upstart Crow’ on PBS? It’s a comedy about Shakespeare set in his time. Narrow appeal I imagine as it presupposes a better than passing understanding of his work to get a lot of the humor, but I’m enjoying it.

And the Iron Islands lady from GOT is in it.


Really good show, David Mitchell a very smart man. I’m in the UK, if you can get Peep Show or That Mitchell and Webb Look they’re both good.


Wife and I are loving Fleabag. Episodes are short treats. We have different sensibilities but this one landed. Thanks!