The TV Thread


fleabag is excellent.


Anyone watching Letterkenny?


I absolutely LOVE Letterkenny. It is BRILLIANT Canadian fart humor!


The soundtrack songs are also great. Sometimes the dialogue moves so fast…

And it is way more than fart jokes, but I hear ya.


We just binged Brockmire. Loved the first 2 seasons, the 3rd was meh, and the final season was bizarre.

I’ve also been watching Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist to fill the Crazy Ex-girlfriend void. It’s a lot better than I expected it to be, and the season finale wrecked me.


We’ve been watching Ozark. It is very well done.


we’re watching HBO’s Perry Mason.

love love love it.


We’ve been watching I’ll Be Gone in the Dark on HBO.

So good.


That’s very good too!!!

I listened to that same-ish podcast so a lot of it is redundant but still so very good


Yeah - everything about that show was done well.


Catching up on Fargo TV show, currently in Season 2. Not as good as Season 1 but better than Law and Order.


HBO’s How To with John Wilson is fantastic. The executive producer is Nathan Fielder.

Here’s the trailer

Here is John’s How To Keep Smoking


Have to say…we loved Lovecraft Country…don’t even know how to describe it…but’s an amazing tv series. i hope they don’t make more than 1 season…that would just ruin it for me.

watch it. the first 3 episodes in particular are some great tv