The TV Thread


that’s good to know!!!


thanks saf


Watching Forever on…uh…netflix? It’s like couples therapy.


I know I’m late, but holy shit Stath Lets Flats is hilarious. I searched and I don’t think it has been mentioned here. It’s about an awful letting agent in London. 12 episodes. All of them are funny.


What streaming service?

Been watching Plebs, first two-three seasons are idiotic gold.




i’m loving the. new hbo platform.

just started to give Ted Lasso a try…we fucking love it.


That’s on Apple+ right?




Ted Lasso was great. It took an episode or so, but I loved it. I was so bummed when it was over. It’s worth an Apple+ trial.


i see they renewed for 2 more seasons…

“That right there. That’s a scone. Tastes like a muffin except it sucks all the spit out of your mouth.” -Ted Lasso to his son


We’re watching all the old seasons of Top Chef. I love it.


watch ted lasso. you can thank me later!


Looking forward to Hemmingway getting the Ken Burns treatment.

Who doesn’t love papa?


Rewatching the UK Office, my baby loves the sound of english accents, a weird phenom we discovered when we put on Downton Abby in the background during distance learning because it was TVPG. I love that you can actually get through all the episodes quickly and then put them back on again. Really thinking about the Dawn Tinsley character this time around, mostly like why the fuck does she stick around this mess? Then her (sort-of) break up happens and she acts totally unprofessionally with 0 repercussions and it’s like, hell, at least the door swings both ways. Some of those scenes (like the one in the first episode where David starts whispering to her about his drinking) are viscerally hard to watch. It’s okay though, my son’s new thing is to pull himself into a standing position and then yell at me until I help him back down, so I’m never watching too closely.


We’re watching a new show on HBO with Kate Winslet that’s really good so far. It’s called Mare of Eastown.

She’s pretty awesome in general, but especially great at doing accents.


Anyone watch Mare of Eastown?

I wish it wasn’t over. It was so good.


It’s on our list. Will be watching soon.


I recently rewatched all of the The Larry Sanders Show. It really is exquisite. Garry was truly a master of everything he tackled. There are three comedy series that I think are nearly perfect- The Office (UK), Fawlty Towers, and The Larry Sanders Show. The fact that Garry Shandling was able to do that for six seasons, instead of just two, is remarkable.


Yeah, it was a great show. Where did you rewatch it?


agreed lb! it doesn’t hurt that i just fucking love everything about kate winslet…

that was a really good show…i hope they don’t ruin it with another season. it’s perfect as is.