The TV Thread


that’s good to know!!!


thanks saf


Watching Forever on…uh…netflix? It’s like couples therapy.


I know I’m late, but holy shit Stath Lets Flats is hilarious. I searched and I don’t think it has been mentioned here. It’s about an awful letting agent in London. 12 episodes. All of them are funny.


What streaming service?

Been watching Plebs, first two-three seasons are idiotic gold.




i’m loving the. new hbo platform.

just started to give Ted Lasso a try…we fucking love it.


That’s on Apple+ right?




Ted Lasso was great. It took an episode or so, but I loved it. I was so bummed when it was over. It’s worth an Apple+ trial.


i see they renewed for 2 more seasons…

“That right there. That’s a scone. Tastes like a muffin except it sucks all the spit out of your mouth.” -Ted Lasso to his son


We’re watching all the old seasons of Top Chef. I love it.


watch ted lasso. you can thank me later!


Looking forward to Hemmingway getting the Ken Burns treatment.

Who doesn’t love papa?