The TV Thread




We’ve been watching Cheers again. Even after all these years and all the rewatching, it’s still very funny. I remember Cliff being my least favorite character but he’s actually not that bad. It’s such an amazing show with everyone being so good and a perfect fit to their characters. After we’re done with Cheers, we’ll be watching Frasier again.


I rewatched Cheers last winter. It’ll always be a classic. This year I’ve re-watched Wiseguy & The Wonder Years. Right now I’m in the middle of rewatching The Young Ones. Kids In The Hall is up after that.


Yes, definitely! And I know I’ll watch it again. I was thinking of watching Taxi again, too.
I loved The Young Ones! I need to watch that one again, also.


I recently upgraded my X-Files complete series from DVD to Blu Ray. So I’ll be starting that one pretty soon. Probably this fall.


Oh, that should be fantastic! I loved The X-Files.
That’s another one I need to rewatch. Thanks, I’ll put that on my list! :grin:


Watched the first episode of this and I loved it! :heart:

A great show to watch if, like me, you’re interested in food and if you love to cook.
It reminded me of Jon Favreau’s The Chef Show but even better because this takes place in Italy and it’s all Italian food! Plus, Stanley Tucci is so charming!

Already went and tried making one of the pastas they showed on the show, the Spaghetti alla Nerano (Spaghetti with Zucchini). It was so easy to make and really delicious!


We just finished a Billions rewatch (the second half of season 5 is supposed to start in three weeks), and since we just watched Damien Lewis for so many hours, now I’m watching the Forsyte Saga on PBS Masterpiece.


i remember hating the first season. it just felt so forced and clever for clever’s sake. now I think it’s wonderful. i really like lewis and giamatti


I don’t normally get this way with actors, but Paul Giamatti is just so incredibly extra in Billions when you go back and see him in Downton Abbey or My Best Friends Wedding it’s just like… when is he gonna start talking in mysteriously complex metaphorrrrrrs?



no. shit.


It’s like sugary kids’ cereal laced with crack.


Fawlty Towers is sublime.


raise your hand if you fucking love Ted Lasso like we do…?

just love it.

also, we love to watch the “Alone” series where survivalists are dropped off in the middle of freezing nowhere and have to survive the longest…




Yeah, we’ve watched quite a few seasons of alone. Some badass folks in that.


Ted Lasso is fantastic!


I’ve read great things about that show and it’s on my EHD waiting to be watched! Just have to find some time to watch it!


Did anyone watch The White Lotus on HBO?


Yes. I thought it was good, although the last episode was a bit of a letdown, I thought.