The TV Thread


i watched it. heather couldn’t stand it and she didn’t watch it.

i hated all of the characters except for the hotel manager and the massage lady. i think that was the point.

i liked the ending and I predicted it.


I definitely think we were only supposed to like the staff and not the guests… but I liked some of the guests too, mainly Stiffler’s mom, trophy wife and Steve Zahn. Hotel manager and lady from the spa were the most likable.

I wasn’t expecting the ending we got. I was relieved for trophy wife but still sad for her decision. Her husband was the most hated character.

What I really liked was the music, and the cinematography. All the details were really well done I thought.


i am a huge steve zahn fan. i just think he’s lovely and can do no wrong. this character was not for me. he wasn’t even a lovable loser. stiffler’s mom is the same in every movie and that was tough for me to get through. she’s painful to watch. i did like her love interest. he was cool. and the trophy wife …that sucked…that was just not the way i wanted that to end. yuck!

the best part was the 16 year old boy and his redemption/learning arc


Jason Isbell has a cameo on the new episode.


We’re watching a show called Catastrophe.
Anybody watch this?

I think it’s over now, it’s a few years old.

Really funny.


One of our favorites. The first season in particular. Absolutely fantastically funny.


We watched all of season one today and are now onto season two.

Just six episodes each season.


If you like it, you might enjoy This Way Up on Hulu.


Ok cool. Thanks.

We are simultaneously watching Ted Lasso and Nine Perfect Strangers also.


I like Columbo.


Watched several episodes of Transparent on Netflix. Can’t really recommend it, but it was OK.


I am not sure if I can hold out and make good on this, but my plan was to wait until all the episodes are released so I can just binge them during a trial subscription.


Amazon prime has had 99 cents / month subscriptions to Showtime off and on.


fucking love that show :slight_smile:


Columbo is one of the best shows ever.


We got a PBS Masterpiece subscription and have been working through some late 90’s adaptations. My husband thought Wuthering Heights was pretty funny because Tom Hardy would occasionally use his “Bane voice.” We’ve watched the 1998 “Far From the Madding Crowd” three times, and I thought the 1997 adaptation of “Rebecca” with Charles Dance was pretty much as perfect as an adaptation could get.

Jamestown was a mess though, can’t believe it’s winning awards.

Also really liked the goofy documentary about artists in the Royal family as curated by Prince Charles.

Worth the $4.99 a month.



I am also enjoying Mythic Quest.


Yeah, I really enjoyed first two seasons of that one.


I couldn’t watch Catastrophe…both actors are fantastic but I found the woman character to be a bit annoying.

Me. too! Have you seen Rescue Dawn? He’s in it with Christian Bale.

Started watching this yesterday. So far so good!