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I’d read good things about it and was wondering about this one. I like some of the actors in it, Robert McElhenney & Danny Pudi and it was created by Charlie Day so I figured it can’t be that bad. Since you brought it up and you like it, I’ll check it out.


Don’t forget Arrested Develepment. :wink:


Charlotte Nicdao rules that show. She’s great.


We just started Season two of Ted Lasso last night.


i love rescue dawn

The Movie Thread

Sounds good! Looking forward to watching it after Ted Lasso and AP Bio. :+1:


This looks like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to watch it!
I love Hawkeye, he’s definitely very underrated.

I want tickets to Rogers: The Musical!! :rofl:


Ted Lasso 8 years ago:


saw this :slight_smile:




my own youtube search when i saw in the credits it was based on something he did for NBC

also, I’m not on reddit for about a year now!


I read that someplace, also. I figured reddit would have some Ted Lasso stuff so I checked it out yesterday and there it was! And I even found the biscuits recipe there! :star:

Yes, I saw you mention that in one of your posts.

I still say r/cats is the best. :smiley_cat:


r/aww isn’t too bad, either. :wink:


We’re binge watching the Wu Tang series. Loved season 1.


I might be in the minority here, but I am really enjoying season 2 of Ted Lasso…even more than the first season. Episode 9, Beard After Hours, was fucking jarring though. It reminded me of the episode of Six Feet Under where David is kidnapped, drugged, beaten and nearly killed. Unlike the SFU episode, I am not sure what purpose the Ted Lasso episode serves. Beard is great in it, but that episode sucked.


That review captures my feelings entirely. Found it really moving but the beard episode just didn’t belong.


we stopped watching at episode 3
that way we can binge the last of it and now, this weekend, we can…and then we’ll probably watch it twice.


I did the same thing after episode 1. We didn’t pick it up again until a week ago.

I truly apologize about the spoilers. I should know better. Please don’t have my opinion in the back of your head going into that episode. I did that with the Breaking Bad episode “Fly.” I went in thinking I would hate it because it was a bottle episode…which is weird because my favorite episode of All in the Family is the bottle episode where Archie and Meathead get locked in the cellar. “Fly,” in my opinion, is one of the finest episodes of Breaking Bad.


I’ve seen a few shows do that lately, where they give a supporting character the whole show for an episode. While it is mostly a bit of actor stroking and it always seems to provide some further character development, but at the expense of the momentum of the show, and is often in a slightly different style.