The TV Thread


I’m watching Work in Progress and just got to season two. Pretty good so far, love the character development. Billions is absolute garbage. So sad since the first two seasons were so good. It’s like watching someone play with Barbie dolls these days.


Agreed. The last season was terrible.


Watched the first two episodes of Squid Game on Netflix last night.

Whoa, that’s some fucked up shit.


gonna have to check this out. feel like we’re the only couple left in america who need to watch it


As Dougo has rightly pointed out, it’s mental.


Sadly found YouTube kids over here has links to it which isn’t cool…


Billy Strings on ACL this Saturday!


Watched the PBS Masterpiece adaptation of the Miniaturist… @highlife you should see this one, the set designs are breathtaking! I immediately bought the book, but the book was not as cohesive. The series did a great job with pacing and definitely amped up the mystery component to much better affect.


Thanks for the rec–you know me well. Already watched it! I think it went on a bit long, but was still a nice ride.


Have you seen the new Emma adaptation that stars the same actress? I was thinking of renting it after I finish the book I’m reading. :slight_smile:


I have. I enjoy Austen adaptations. Seemed pretty good. A bit thin in affect but good.


I’ll definitely check it out then! Did you see the latest Far From the Madding Crowd with Carey Mulligan? I was wondering if that one was any good too. :slight_smile:


No I haven’t seen that one. Hmm…seems like it’s ‘pay’ everywhere. If you find it for free, let me know.


CSI is back! :clap::clap::clap:

With Sarah & Grissom!! :couple_with_heart_woman_man:


It was such garbage I didn’t even finish it. It opens with a soliloquy (?!) from Bathsheba (Bath-shi-buh) about how she hates her name and is too independent… it’s all down hill from there. They used almost none of the source dialogue and removed almost all of the most famous scenes. Troy grabs Bath by the pussy during their first kiss in the ferns too. Awful casting, terrible script, poor character development, even the costumes were a let down.


Thanks for the warning. ‘Updating’ material can go wrong pretty easily. I wanted to like ‘Dickenson’ but it devolved into Riverdale or some such thing by episode 3.


Four shows in and I’m really enjoying Mythic Quest.
Thanks for the recommendation!
I’d no idea F. Murray Abraham was in it. :+1:
Great show with a great cast, now I want to play Mythic Quest, too! :rofl:


yikes. sounds like a power move from donald fuckwit


Yes, but it was taxidermy kid from that obscure Eddie Redmayne movie (Full disclosure, I own this bullshit on dvd.)


Did any of you guys watch Murder on the Bayou on Showtime about the Jeff Davis 8? I read the book while I was watching it and it was all wild. Definitely top tier true crime.

I also watched their new doc on Eileen Franklin, Buried. Not a waste of time at all. It reminded me of the Loretta Bobbit and Menendez brothers documentaries on Amazon. Really interesting how the media and court systems were treating sexual abuse victims back then, not that it seems too much has changed.