The TV Thread


Watched “Unseamly” about Peter Nygard. The intense first hand accounts of sexual assault made it very heavy, but there were also “Tiger King” levels of what the fuck shenanigans.


We started watching this show Friday night and are almost through season one already. I’ve never heard of before and it was recommended to us.

It’s really good. Billy Bob Thornton is one of the best actors out there.

Anyone ever watch this?


I watched the first season but didn’t make it through the whole thing. It seemed good but just wasn’t in the mood.


both this and fargo made me a fan of thorton…i had not liked him previously…although I like his stuff now.

goliath is great because of him and some other characters and the music. the next 3 seasons fall short in comparison…so, if you’re going to watch the rest just be ready for them not to be anywhere near as good as the 1st.

also, because I know you told me years ago to watch it…after the fourth try we have stuck w/ the wire and loved season 1…season 2 was not that great till about episode 8



Glad to hear you’re watching The Wire. Is season 2 about the docks? If so the next season is definitely better.

I feel like in the great HBO Trifecta of Six Feet Under, The Wire and The Sopranos I know a lot of people who like The Wire the best. I love them all but think I liked Six Feet Under best.

That’s disappointing to hear about Goliath, but we will stick with it.

As for Billy Bob, haven’t you seen Slingblade?


Toast of Tinseltown was not as good as Toast of London…


i’ve not seen slingblade


Dwight Yoakam is fantastic in Slingblade.


Please watch it. It’s a really great movie.

Billy Bob, Dwight Yoakam and the late John Ritter!


will do!

i could never stomach his acting…but like i said both fargo and goliath woke me up to the fact he’s a good actor.

i’ll go watch slingblade


On the theme of Billy Bob – Billy Bob also scripted (and starred in) Carl Franklin’s “One False Move”. Good little noir movie that one too.


i think i despise billy bob because he butchered all the pretty horses adaptation into a movie

i still like the movie but boy what a wasted opportunity…matt damon was not right for it either.

i also heard, recently, that billy bob had a different director’s cut/version and the studio didn’t like it…i’ve heard his original vision was better than what was put out.


He was great in Monster’s Ball, although, like Slingblade, it’s tough to watch. Bad Santa was kind of fun, but beyond that, I’m not sure that I can think of another good movie with him.


i did not like monster’s ball
unwatchable for me.


Good reason to dislike him. Both “All Those Pretty Horses” and “The Hi-Lo Country” that was released about the same time were huge disappointments for me. And “Monster’s Ball” was just overblown melodrama. Todd Field’s “In the Bedroom”, that also came out in 2001, blew that one out of the water completely (also a noirish drama about trauma and personal loss).


Just finished Season 2 of Goliath.

Agreed that it was not as good as Season 1 but it definitely held my attention and we will go back for Season 3 soon.



Have you watched Condor? It might be something you’d like. It’s based on the Three Days of the Condor movie and the Six Days of the Condor novel. We enjoyed it, especially my dad.
We just finished Dopesick yesterday so after Nightmare Alley & House of Gucci we’re going to watch season 2 of Condor.


Anybody else watch Midnight Mass on Netflix?

We thought it was outstanding. Like an arthouse/suspense/horror/drama/philosophy/religious examination which is well acted, written, and beautiful to look at.

It will seem slow but gains steam as you go. Just stick with it.


haven’t seen it

who’s in it?


Hamish Linklater is probably the biggest name in a primary role. He’s always been great but this seems to have presented him with an opportunity to really show his skill. He is incredible.

I’m not sure there are really any huge stars in the other lead roles. Of course, someone could be more famous than I know. But it kind of feels like a bunch of excellent character actors got a chance to do roles with meat to them they might not get in other projects.

Henry Thomas from ET is in it. I watched he whole series trying to figure out why he looked familiar.