The TV Thread


i’ve not heard of it

i’ll have to check it out


i did see this!
i like that actor. he’s pretty decent in this role.
of course, i loved 3 days of the condor w/ dunaway and redford

i’m headed to vegas on friday
house of gucci and nightmare alley will have to wait :slight_smile:


Enjoy Vegas! You’re a short 4 hour drive from me if you want a fireside whiskey :slight_smile:


i would love that. someday buddy. we are flying in and gonna chill keno machine side, craps table side, and gonna go to the NHL All star game.

it’s just me and my buddy. we got a little tipsy one night at our local sports bar…everyone there was supposed to go and he and i were the only ones that didn’t chicken out. i’m stoked to get the fuck out of here. it’s like -7 w/ the wind chill right now


Ha! It figures that you’ve already seen it. :wink:
Yes, the actor was good! That was Jeremy Irons’ son.
Looking forward to watching season 2.

House of Gucci starts slow but it gets better. I loved how they showed the Japanese and their love for Gucci! And seeing the style evolution of Gucci throughout the years is, for me, really enjoyable since I used to work in fashion and Gucci was a part a of my life back when Tom Ford was designing.

Have a great time in Vegas!! :sunglasses:


you should write a book someday.

i’d buy it


Took a sick day yesterday, got a lot of gardening stuff done, but also watched the Depp/Heard trial, like it was my damn job! I’m guess I’m basic.


I have a related note. I started watching a documentary on the West Memphis Three and was looking into Damien Echols, and damn if I didn’t see photos of him with both Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson and just lose all interest.


what the fuck is this i skimmed over about her taking a shit in bed?


He said that she dropped a deuce. She denied it and said it was one of the dogs.

Guys, hug your wives tonight.


And your dogs.


Most millennial post of the week.


I’m into astrology too. But not Disney+.


It’s a compelling story nonetheless. They should do a ‘where are they now’ doc on all involved.




Oh c’mon guys, you’re not siding with someone who is talking about “fucking her burnt corpse…” via text message. Let’s just call them both wrong and call it a day…


did depp do that?

fuck both of those dorks. i could care less about celeb drama


I finished Ozark last night.

I’m sad it’s over.


not quite done w/ it yet

how was the ending?


Not into drug and murder drama, but I am enjoying Porn and Ice Cream.