The TV Thread


We can talk when you’re done. I won’t ruin it.



I love New Zealand humor.

Have you seen Eagle vs Shark?


No, but I just saw a clip of it in an extended interview with Jermaine and I am interested. Got him on the mind because we watch Moana 6 times daily.


man, what a let down on that finale

how can they end it?


A guy at work said he heard it may be coming back.

Seems they left it open for the possibility.


Watched “Sins of the Amish” on Peacock and it was way more upsetting than I thought it would be.


The new Kids in the Hall is a wonderful rekindling of the previous show. The humor remains, the style is intact, and oddly, there is a lot of old man full-frontal nudity. It takes 3 episodes to really get going, but it is not just the greatest hits. Not chicken woman.


We started Succession last night. I’ve always heard good things. Anybody watch it?

We got through first 4 episodes so far.


We also started Euphoria today. Crazy show.


The final two episodes of The Rehearsal are absolutely perfect. Holy fuck! I bawled.


Probably my favorite show of the last several years. It keeps getting better and better. The writing and the acting are both just terrific.


We finished Season 1 of Succession last night.

It was Shiv’s wedding and a LOT of shit went down.


we love succession.


We are into Season 3 of Succession. Great show.

Euphoria was wild. Quickly watched both seasons and now have to wait like a year for more episodes. It is not for everyone but it’s pretty awesome.

Anybody watch White Lotus? We have not started Season two yet but have been recording.


love succession
first season of white lotus isn’t as good as the second


So I got rid of our cable TV.

Might not sound like much to most of you as you are younger and are into movies and such… but for me is was a big step. I’m trying to get up to speed with streaming, platforms and all that. Really starting to realize that technology is swiftly passing me by. So far we have Paramount +, Disney +, Hulu, HBO max, Bally Sports and Peacock. We can get quite a bit of what we watch on those platforms, but I need live sports. I’m considering getting YouTube TV. Does anyone have any opinion of that service? $65 a month is pretty steep, but they seem to get most of the other channels i’m missing.


never used youtube tv but i can imagine it’s a pretty good platform…

i like Fubo and i have used sling…i prefer FUBO…i’d also get amazon prime tv and pay for that too…you can also get a prime stick or just download the prime app

i like the stick the best.


I was considering Fubo… I might still.

We get Amazon Prime. Our cable provider is Xfinity and they sent us a stick-like thing to use instead of our cable box, but we need another one for our other TV.


This one gets my vote for Faithless Street quote of the year.