The TV Thread


I only have prime video yearly prime subscription. I haven’t watched much of anything on prime video.


I’m watching Mammals on Amazon and Oh Hell on HBO Max. The latter in the original German. Both very funny and odd.


Some decent stuff on prime imo (UK)


Yeah, I think of it as a gateway to getting the channels I want. I like to switch them up all the time. :slight_smile:


you should definitely utilize it then!!! amazon offers some good “prime” free shows and movies…fleabag comes to mind.

i like apple tv too


Started 1899 yesterday and got a few episodes deep.

Super trippy, LOST vibes. Interesting mystery show beautifully performed and shot. My only complaint is that there is basically no levity.


Have you seen this one? Was thinking of checking it out.


only two episodes in. pretty good! we love emily blunt


We’ll check it out next. Thanks!

Yeah, we like Emily Blunt, too.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this:

Not our kind of movie but she was really great in it.

We’re watching this right now:

If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. Holy shit, so much respect for these guys!



i’ll def check that out…was thinking about it anyways…amazon prime keeps popping it up on the ads


We (wife and I) loved it.

If you like zero levity, time travel, and Germans, try Dark. I think it’s the same director.


What’s not to like, nicht wahr?


It’s great isn’t it? I read the book a while back and they’ve done it justice.


I went ahead and signed up for YouTube TV. I’m already second guessing my decision.


Wow! Yes, really enjoying it (we’re watching the last episode tonight). These guys are incredible. And as I’m watching the show, I’m googling and reading up on the real men and their missions because I want to know more.
And one of them is still alive!

This is definitely one of the best TV series I’ve watched this year.


The book is really good :blush:


Thanks! I will check it out!

Have you seen this one, too?


No, I’ll check that one out, thanks UV :blush:



i loved season 1 :slight_smile: