The TV Thread


Watching Abbott Elementary as I’m a fan of the wholesome sitcom.


Hope season 2 is just as good! :grin:


The book was more interesting than the first one so hopefully so.

Watched first two last night and promising start. Jackson Lamb is my hero.


Starting it tonight. Looking forward to watching it! :+1:


White Lotus season 2. We watched the first 3 episodes last night.


it’s pretty darn good. the build up!


I have watched the first 5 now. It’s great. Looking forward to the last two.


You just know that there will be a happy ending for everyone.


We’ve decided to put it on hold and wait for the whole season to air and then watch it.
So while we wait, we’re watching this again.

Still good the second time around!


Good plan. And I think Cumberbatch makes an excellent Holmes. I have a copy of his coat from this series, I love it :joy:


Nice! It’s a classic! :sunglasses:


Toast of London. Love that Matt Berry.


Love that show & Matt Berry!

Toast of Tinseltown was not as good.





We just finished episode 1 of Severance.
It’s really weird.

Anyone watch?


I did. It was too clever by half, I thought.


It’s a lot. We watched the first three episodes and then I had to watch something “light” before I went to sleep.


it’s good. it gets a lot better. almost had to stop but glad i stuck w/ it


My wife and I started on Lost again. Man, that show was ahead of its time. I understand the arguments that it felt disjointed when it was on the air but now that we are in a world where binging a series is a thing it makes so much more sense when episodes are viewed back to back. There are intricate callbacks, foreshadowing, etc. that get missed when waiting from week to week.

It is interesting to see it under the eye of a culture which has evolved since then. I remember people at the time championed the show’s diversity. There was, predictably, a contingent of people (even on the Lost message boards) who saw the casting of the series as a stunt. I imagine these are the same people complaining about “wokeness” today. Viewing it today, this casting doesn’t stand out at all. We were several episodes deep before we remembered what a big deal it was. So I guess there are some things which get better over time. It’s probably a good idea to count them when we see them.

Lastly, it was recorded on film. So it looks as good or better than anything else currently being released. It’s crazy to see how much was lost when viewing on old television sets.

If you liked it the first time around, I highly suggest giving it another run.