The TV Thread


I’m currently rewatching Kojak. It might be one of my favorites.


We have 1 episode left to finish Severance

Crazy shit happened in the last two episodes. I can’t wait to see how it ends.


it’s a good show!


Just finished it. So many things happened in the last two episodes. I can’t wait for it to start again!






One more week to go! MARCH 15TH!!!


This is the kind of trivial personal stuff that I just love. One can learn interesting things about life and outlooks on life in a prosaic way.

Reminded me that I got to get a pair of swimming goggles. I have contacts so getting my head under water when swimming or playing with the kids at the beach is always a hassle. Will look like a dork, though. But I am 47 so I have no dignity left, anyway.


Me, too! Kind of like the Elvis rehearsal stuff. :wink:

Everybody looks dorky in swimming goggles!
But now that we know that Brett Goldstein likes using swimming goggles, they’ll be the opposite of dorky. :sunglasses:
Another way to use them: My ex-husband used to use them when he needed to chop onions! :rofl:



I like a print version of this. All the ones by married men are a variation on “I didn’t care about (candles, face cream, shampoo…) but my wife…”


This reminds me of one of my favorite jokes by Ricky Gervais. Early in his career, he was asked by a tabloid reporter what three things he would save if the house burned down. He found the question stupid and answered something like: “The iphone, car keys and … um … yeah, one of the twins” (genious). He has no children but apparently the reporter took him on his words and for many years other articles used the “info” in bios.