There's no such thing as bad publicity though


There are going to be new people who hear him and think "damn this guy’s an asshole but Heartbreaker, Demolition, Love is Hell, 29 and the self-titled album are really awesome! "


What do you think Ryan is thinking right now?

Is he so fucked up he wants to kill himself and go into eternity a loser? Or is he thinking “wow I’ve been a scumbag and I dont have much time left to turn things around? I’d better use the money I have left to write a solid apology album then disappear for awhile?”

Hopefully the latter but I dont know about that dick anymore


I bet he’s thinking "man, I hope this Denny’s waitress has musical aspirations’




I doubt that Ryan will kill himself. He seems to love himself a whole lot. This has to be sheer torture for him right now. He’s a social media addict from what I understand. I’m certain his lawyer has advised him in no uncertain terms to lay low on all fronts. Social media included. You just know he wants to go on a twatter tirade. It’s gotta be killing him.

We’ve always known Ryan treats people like shit. All people. Not just women. Well, his chickens have finally come home to roost. Maybe his close friends in his band can comfort him in his “Time Of Need”. Doh!! I forgot!! He goes through bandmates like toilet paper. Maybe his pinball machines can bring him some solace. Well, he’s pissed & shit all over his bed for nearly two decades. Now he gets to lay in it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


I don’t know what it means, but his followers on instagram have gone up by about 2,000 since the news broke.


“Whoa I like just totally went mainstream. These metoo pussies are gnarly! I hope I can finally get with Taylor Swift. Oh wait. I could fuck Lady Gaga. I’m so stoked!”

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It means authorities should look into the browsing history of 2000 people


He’ll disappear for a year, the fervor will die down and he’ll go back to doing the same BS he always did musically.

I’m debating what to do with all my RA stuff now. It obviously doesn’t compare to what all these women went through, but I feel betrayed myself. I’ve spent more than half my life listening to his music and even though my fandom isn’t what it used to be, it’s tough to reckon with all this. I have two framed pictures of Ryan (Heartbreaker flier/ad and a Cards promotional photo) on my wall and I feel like I have to take them down. Everytime my girlfriend comes over I’m just embarrassed about what she thinks seeing his ugly mug on the wall. I also have a framed photo on my desk from when my best friend and I hung out with Ryan after a show. My friend passed away so the picture is special to me outside of RA. And I’m not even getting into all the records, CDs, bootlegs, mp3s, shirts, autographs etc. But again what the fuck am I supposed to do with all of this?


Get rid of it


I put the albums of his that are in LA with me in the back of the stack. The rest are stored at my mom’s house. I dont want to get rid of them but I’m not going to listen to them for awhile if ever. I’ll probably go back through and dust them off when I’m older and reflect on everything. I feel betrayed too because I had so much fun listening to him and his toxic masculinity was not that evident in his music. He let the demons out in some songs but overall he seems like a hypocrite now compared to much of his writing


I feel betrayed, too. I’m going to talk to my therapist about this tomorrow lololol


Also, he’s not going to disappear for a year and come back if he goes to prison.


I honestly believe that his career and touring is over.


He’s going to have to go somewhere (maybe like Robert Downey Jr) but he could come back and try to redeem himself. I think he deserves to be able to say I’msorry. But no one will listen until he’s really learned his lesson.


Not there yet, but took down my framed tour posters, and a painting a friend did for me. It feels like invalidating memories…


Last thing in my office. Painting a friend made for me of RA lyrics. Probably keep this one for now.



I’ll believe it when I see it.


Good times. Was trying to be sincere but good for you.


And removed today…