These are my obsessions


Here’s a new thread to talk about what you’re interested in or doing obsessively.

I’ll start. My daughter got a Tamagotchi ON! for Christmas. So naturally I had to get one too. I’m obsessively wooing the Pizalinatchi from Food Town so I can marry her tonight at 7pm when my Tamagotchi becomes an adult… Anyone playing Tamagotchi or am I the baby of this thread at age 33?

(I’m so morning sick, and my skin itches. I kind of don’t want to be alive anymore, but I know that’s just the hormones talking.)


Buying books. Always buying books. My wife gives me dirty looks whenever I come back from the mailbox with a package.


This is me and tarot decks, but I started buying my books on my Kindle instead of in person, so no one has any idea how many books I’m buying… (hundreds)


51 pages of books, Ahahah.


Excellent. Unfortunately, I currently collect books on survey research from the 1940s to the 1960s, almost none of which have been digitized.


I love how specific this is.


Masters and Johnson!


Oh, yes, very specific. My obsessions are always quite specific. Until one switches to something else, equally specific.

On the other hand, @Ely_Plains and his fellow nerds keep throwing these particular books away, for lack of interest from the college kidz, and so I can get them cheap.



David Crosby just posted this on Twitter and I thought of your poor kindle:

  • My 4th Kindle


Well, they were of course all about sex, and I’m obsessed with more boring stuff. Maybe I should rethink my life.


I keep buying books and not reading them.


I’m obsessed with playing Two Dots on my phone.

Nick told me about this game a few years ago and I’ve never stopped playing. Current level: 3052.


I love two dots
Also 2048 is addictive

Back in WWF as of a couple days ago

I love to play chess so I have a couple of chess apps too


I play 2048 sometimes too but I go through phases. 1010! Is another one I play a lot, it’s basically Tetris. I play spider solitaire as well… but all of these only while I’m waiting for more lives to generate on Two Dots.

I’m happy to have you back on WWF.


@mutineer - Qualitative methods, that kind of thing? Something else?

Assuming it’s QM kind of stuff, why would you want old ones?

Is this like keeping old tomes of ancient medical treatments? The novelty of seeing how people did research/treated illness in the past?


I obsess about:
kettlebells (particularly the snatch exercise, trying to get it perfectly with a 50#)
skateboarding (particularly obsessed with two tricks: the impossible and the tre flip)
cooking eggs (I have a cast iron skillet and I obsess about keeping it seasoned/cleaned so it’s non-stick)


It’s actually mostly quantitative stuff–sociological studies that used national surveys and their methodologies. Part of it is about seeing how people did things back then. Much of my job now consists of survey-type research, and I always like to know about the history of what I’m doing. But I’m also particularly interested in a pair of national surveys from the 1950s about the impact of McCarthyism, and I’m obsessing over finding every single thing that could conceivably relate to them.