These are my obsessions





looks disgusting.




Peak Midwesterner DNA unlocked!

Looks like a lego rendering of food. @Monkey and I are from Texas (beef BBQ) and Rod smokes elk in his Traeger, and HighLife is a SW Virginia guy, so this is the wrong crowd for posting that kind of gastronomical crime…


It feels good to say yes….


This isn’t my first rodeo.


Which is worse? :slight_smile:

  • Eating a McRib
  • Reading a Cormac McCarthy depiction of people eating babies

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If you wanted it to be a close outcome, you could have made the 2nd entry ‘Eating a baby.’ At least it would be a split decision then.


i voted mcrib.



Popovy Dolls
Popcorn salt
Kefir grains
The Forsyte Saga
Conceptualizing my home and doll stuff
Rune Factory 5
Pretending spring is like next week
Vital Hero Band
Yoga/my yoga mat
Weighted blanket


i’m really into denial, lately


I don’t know about being obsessions, but I still have my baseball card collection (as well as football, basketball and hockey cards.

I’ve also got some other old collectible cards…


I’m starting to sketch out ideas for songs for a new album of originals. The initial intent is for a number of instrumentals mixed into the “usual” lyrical/vocal songs, mostly to reflect on the last few years. I have a few nice ones that are coming around; we’ll see how this goes.

Sound wise, mainly acoustic guitar & harmonica; I always keep in mind something Leif Vollebekk said (I think this was in reference to the Twin Solitude album, or perhaps North Americana), to have the songs come out like you’re not trying to write a song – which, of course, takes a lot of effort to smooth these things out.

I have a few songs from the past few years that I kind of want to include, but I’ll keep them on the shelf and see how much I can create this year before I decide to include/shelve these other ones.


That’s great.

Wish I had the wherewithal and/or gumption (talent) to pull that off.


Thanks a lot! Maybe it’s imposter syndrome, but I feel like my job (initially particle physicist, and now, well, I guess “just” physicist), and the music, poetry, painting stuff I do is purely because I am relentless with things I love to do.

Another thing I’ve decided to start up; architecture. Sketching out drawings/designs for an art studio; a 3-level building – basement is a music studio, middle level is a lounge of sorts to hang out, and top floor is for a paint studio. Started looking at what CAD software I should use to turn it into a 3D model. This is perhaps something of a pipe dream, but why not? :joy:

There’s also the dream of learning to build acoustic guitars. I know someone at work that’s worked with a luthier to do just that, so perhaps that’s in the near future. This would be really fun.


I helped my friend design his painting studio a couple years ago. He combined it with a garage to store his tractor and added a clear story to the other half of the structure. Turned out great.


oh wow that’s pretty awesome! Paintings look cool too!