These are my obsessions


Really? You’ve never spent a whole weekend Googling Israel Keyes or gone to six Wal-Marts trying to find an article of clothing that you didn’t buy last time but want now or decided that the best strawberry milkshakes are synthetic so you have to go to Burger King at least three times this week? Monkey…


Since a bit over a year ago, I started learning a lot more about acoustic guitars; initially, it was because I was plotting the purchase of my Gibson J45 (there’s some pics floating around here somewhere!). Now, it’s something I learn about every day; I follow a bunch of really informative channels on YouTube about acoustic guitars, and it’s been really cool. Usually on lunch break I’ll watch a video or two. Of course, this inspires me to be searching for my next acoustic (a parlor size)!

A few favorites (YouTube):
Acoustic Tuesday:
Acoustic Letter:
Andertons Music Co:

Acoustic Uprising:
The History of Guitar:
Making a Guitar:

Perhaps not quite an obsession, but in the past few years, I’ve become something of a painter; I’ve made probably 20–30 or so (at least? I’ve lost count). Pretty much entirely abstract; I see it as extension of my music obsession, so it’s a lot of fun.


@monkey Bourbon, photography, and Josh Homme’s grundle?


Sometimes you just want to wrap yourself in your sixth Teema Towel and solve the Atlanta Child Murders once and for all on your couch while you drink from your vintage “The Coffee Cup - Boulder, CO” mug.


I haven’t taken a photo in nearly 10 months. Bourbon is just a part of the grocery list. I’ve never tugged it to Josh Homme.


Wait? BK strawberry milkshakes don’t have actual strawberries in them? I’m allergic to strawberries so this is at least interesting.


It’s true!!!


I’m going to BK for lunch!


This seems to be a problem, monkey. Get yourself out into a completely new environment and let yourself be inspired. The clicks, hopefully will come.

Having said that, I haven’t done ANY art in 9 months.


Oddly enough. I did just order a new camera a couple of days ago. I say new. I bought an 9 year old Nikon 1 J1 in a bundle. It’s one of the first compact mirrorless cameras and I’ve owned several (I keep giving them away.). It was a steal because the lenses along are coveted and can sell for pretty big dineros. I love shooting black and white with this model because it’s so compact and it has an amazing sensor.


Very cool!

I no longer know anything about photography equipment. I do still have my Konica T4 SLR that I bought with summer job money when I was going to college. I got a lot of use out of that camera, but stopped using it decades ago. I should get it back out and jump back into the world of film.


Oh, you’re way braver than me then. Film is dedication, expensive and did I mention expensive?


why not? we love your photos :slight_smile:


i haven’t been to bk in 20 years.

i’m a wendy’s and dq kind of guy


speaking of obsessions…on road trips i have to go to any dairy queen i see…and get a blizzard of some sort.

it’s a nod to the gods for my little brother. he and i loved dq as children.


Idk. This year was not inspiring to me in that aspect. I have done other things. I started walking for my health. I keep a log of that (FB posts) to keep me going and to keep me honest. And I’ll tell you, I fucking hate walking but in just 37 days I’ve lost 11 pounds and gone down a pants size so I am pretty committed.


good man. keep at it. i love to go on walks too.


As a shit sleeper, I am obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep. I am usually not lucky in that regard.


I guess my main obsession is collecting music, TV and films (sorry to disappoint you, Balv, I bet you were hoping I’d say it was you). I’ve got squillions (approximately) of Blu-ray discs with all sorts of stuff on them. A data hoarder, you might say. I keep expecting the internet to break at any moment, and then I’ll really need these discs!