These are my obsessions



Seems a bit pale for strawberry… the king tends to vanilla everything.


We got a Tempurpedic bed five years ago and still say how much we love it almost every night when we get in it.

An amazing bed makes a world of difference.


Yes indeed. Had some form of memory foam mattress for many years, dread to think what my back would be without out. Like Quasimodo, probably!


Selfie…gonna need that


Carrot Cake Oreoes and black coffee.


Panda porn. Thanks a lot, @nick.


Oh, and how to get Danish tv.


Trello boards and jello cups. Sleeping.

Edit: What did or didn’t happen to Brad Renfro.



all of em. any kind of homemade meringue.

my favorite is this one: praline meringue…

add brown sugar and chopped pecans…bake @ 200 for 90 minutes…take out and let cool for 30 mins…

it’s amazing.

i do about 6 egg whites…beat till slightly stiff…add 1 1/4 cup of brown sugar by the spoonful to the mix while stirring rapidly till stiff peaks form…fold in pecans…scoop out generously to silpat sheets and bake


This is my favorite Wikipedia article. I have been showing it to people for more than a decade now. It’s a long read, but well worth the time. Imagine that someone accused you of having a pig’s head instead of a human head, and the rumor was so compelling that when you made public appearances, you were derided as an actress/impostor. Also, they used to get bears drunk, shave their faces, and dress them like women.


I’m pretty obsessed with Top Chef. I didn’t start watching until 2-3 years ago. Now we’re going back and downloading old seasons and watching. With football ending and all our nights spent at home, Top Chef is very entertaining.


we love love love top chef. we have since it started. it’s like movie night when we watch it. sometimes we’ll be too busy to watch for 3-4 weeks and we’ll get to binge em for a morning or late night.

we’re obsessed w/ it as well :slight_smile:


my latest obsession for the past year…

I make a large cappuccino and put cinnamon and nutmeg on top. every morning.


I am obsessed with really hilarious Scottish tweets, but the collections don’t grow as fast as they should, so I am constantly frustrated.


Johnny Rzeznik’s plastic surgery. Have been for years.


Been working on this for 3+ hours… this tea pet is THE ONE, the only tea pet that will ever ever do! But it’s listed on Amazon for $350! Why? So I used reverse image search to find every other vendor that has it and ended up ordering it from Amazon Canada for $93 since none of the Chinese vendors will ship overseas. Fingers crossed my order doesn’t get canceled, flagged, or unfulfilled since I’ll be seeing this dumb puppy dragon fish face in my dreams until I have him in my hot little hands.


what does it do?


You set it on your tiered tea tray, and when you’re done pouring out the tea, you pour the rest onto the tea pet. The special clay from the Yixing region retains water after it’s fired to a certain point, so the pet will actually absorb the tea, retaining the scent and creating a shiny patina over it (after a long, long time). They’re basically a ritual item for tea drinkers.


It’s junk, Balv. Worthless, pointless junk. But I can’t help it. I have to have him.