These are my obsessions


Looks like Zuul from Ghostbusters


I’m let down that Zuul does not look like a puppy dragon goldfish.


Reminds me of this little dude from Flight Of The Navigator!



I love the idea of that, awesome.


If you’re going to get one for yourself, I would recommend buying from eBay. They have to be made out of this specific clay that is only found in the Yixing region of China, and this clay only comes in three colors: purple, vermillion, and blue (which is like a duck’s egg, the most rare and the most desirable). I recommend eBay because there are a lot of sellers who specialize in Yixing teaware and eBay has very good buyer protection protocols in place. Most of the listings on Etsy were massively overpriced and most of the listings on Amazon were not for authentic Yixing clay items. Your good key words include tea pet or tea mascot, and also the words Yixing and Zisha. Shipping times are going to be long, but the listings from US sellers were few and of very low quality. There is a BEAUTIFUL zodiac series up right now that is very reasonably priced. Here was my favorite of the collection:

Edit: This guy is purple, by the way. :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks for that. UK here, so will check it out


Back in the mid 1990’s I had no money because I was a child. My daycare lady would get tons of weird catalogs that included the puzzle seller Bits & Pieces. For a run of catalogs during this time was a wooden puzzle box that looked like a cheeseburger with the write-up telling you that if you were clever, you could take the whole thing apart and “reassemble the whole beautiful sandwich.” It was made by a Japanese puzzle box artist, you could buy a non-mass manufactured one from him for about $350.

This is an internet white whale for me, and I’ve got my first real lead in years. Some yahoo is trying to flip a 1999 Bits & Pieces catalog for $10. I just sent her a question if there’s a puzzle box like this in here and promising to buy it if there is. If I can get that puzzle maker’s name, I have like a decimal points chance at managing to find one of these things, but I’ll be CLOSER THAN I AM NOW. :hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:


Have you tried your question here?

There is a list of craftsmen toward the bottom of the page, and I’m sure they have a good knowledge base to ask.


This one is interesting.



No, I didn’t even think to come at it from this angle… I know I managed to find the puzzle maker’s personal website when I was in high school, so this may be a good way to find him again. Thank you for your help! I love the Stubborn Father puzzle too… so mysterious.


The maker of this box made the burger! I’m working on bird-dogging more, but I got it confirmed on a puzzle enthusiast site in America that Kamei had an exclusive deal with Bits & Pieces in 1996 to have his designs produced in Taiwan.


Here’s the first image I’ve seen of it since 2004!!!


Great news! There you go, now you can save $10 on an old catalog and put it towards the burger.


Here’s a laundry list of things I’m currently obsessing over, and why I’ve been so quiet (Believe it or not, I DO try to be polite and not bore you guys with stuff I know no one is interested in)…

DOLLS, I have three on order right now and even made a new Instagram account so I can shout about all these doll thoughts/projects/memories into the void. Root beer, I only want root beer except for… REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, every episode features a bunch of cured meat at a table, so I’ve probably eaten a 1/2 pound of salami in the last four days, even though I’m not supposed to. Tomorrow a new Story of Seasons game is coming out, so we’ll probably be playing that a fair amount, back into my 20-year-old-on-March-27th Neopets account daily. Big week coming up after this one… We get to find out the gender of the baby and the in-laws are coming to visit.


I’ve got a collection of old teddy bears and dolls that I’m a little obsessed with, I guess. There’s also a really old teddy bear not in this photo that we call thread bear. He’s a ragged little guy.


Here is a photo of Thread Bear. He’s my favorite.


I found my old Baby-G watches in a drawer, so I’m working on getting them cleaned up and putting new batteries in them so I can start wearing them again. Do any of you like watches? For awhile I was collecting vintage (1960’s) Zenith manuals and automatics but the cost of getting them serviced regularly was too high. I have a moonphase quartz from Seiko that’s very handsome and from 1981, but I’ve been out of watches for awhile.




I have a couple of watches, none cool or collectable. I bought three new ones for office wear right before covid hit. So…


So you wear them for your wife now?