These are my obsessions


I wear them when I try on pants.


I have a collection of clay pots by my friend Cary VanderVeen.


Blue is a favorite of mine.




That’s great. Really like the frog and Lilly pad lid.


Betting heavy on Food Club at Neopets. It’s like playing the ponies except it’s an imaginary eating contest amongst pirates with food allergies. Max bets are determined by account age, my account is 20 years old, so my stakes are about 150,000 NP a day across 10 bets.

Cameron’s Coffee has a new Dark Chocolate Mocha flavored roast that is good enough I mail ordered it in bulk and stock piled it in the deep freeze. I add orange extract to it.

Playing Pokémon Go from my couch, got my 7th bkr bottle, and 4th gemstone Popsocket.


A perfect level crown and polish on all my frets.

But I’ve got like 30 guitars, so it’s a lot of work.


That would take a lot of space. Things we do for obsessions. Must love them all.


No kids, lots of extra space in the house. No duplicates. All different pickup situations and such. At least almost all.

Another obsession would be trying to actually see the owl that I hear in my trees outside my house.


I have pulled off the owl thing once. Spent several hours sitting in the dark, but spotted her/him. (bard owl) :owl: My wife has around 5-6 violins usually at our house, but a lot less space is needed per case. Easy to trip on though. :wink:


I have six guitars and I think my wife thinks that is excessive. I’ll bet she has between 75 and 100 pairs of shoes.


That’s outstanding


We upgraded to the largest garbage can you can get so that every Wednesday, I get to try to throw away as much stuff as I possibly can. My toddler is SO BUSY. I finally got to the point with his little brother where I’m not having to sit around just looking at daily recurring messes but can actually address what’s going on.

I know I’d posted about putting away the sound system… well, it’s time to get rid of the unsafe floating shelves in the living room, no more books on display. We’re replacing them with another big canvas print, this one is by Grimshaw. I’ll post it when I get a chance. Yesterday I emptied out the defunct porch area… it had just become a dumping ground for anytime something came to hand that the kids should not have because it had a kid gate blocking it off. It’s now a christmas tree grotto. I’ll post pictures of that too later today.


I keep trying to get useless junk out of the house, but it seems no matter how much I take, it hardly makes a dent. My wife is a craft person with her own store, so our house is a closet of projects waiting to happen.


That’s a part of my life that I’m not auditing… making doll clothes and the doll hobby calls for all kinds of clutter, instead I just keep it contained to my (now shut down) workspace. I feel the frustration, but I’m taking it as a challenge to further recalibrate my perception of time (being mindful)… there are 52 weeks in a year, so yeah, in three weeks, it feels like I’ve made more mess than progress, but seriously, how could my house not be empty after 52 trips to a garbage can of this size?


Here’s the obligatory list of other random things I’m obsessed with, because I know you know I have one:

Number 1 with a bullet: Prince Charles
Emma. (2020 film, we literally watch it at least once a day in this house)
Stand-up comedy
Yellowjackets (the Showtime series)
Finding Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews (this is fucking impossible, my sisters are being nuts about “clutter” but have curated lists on Amazon of clutter that’s about five times as expensive as my budget, so I spend about two hours a day on this)


This is my downfall as well. My wife is into crafts and collects all sorts of stuff with the idea of turning them into something.

I’m more in purge mode.


i’m constantly giving my old stuff away…either to close friends or my nephew…i like to try and buy the new stuff and if i like it enough i’ll keep it and give away the old…like camping, hunting, and fishing stuff…


That’s how I am with Tarot decks! I’m on the hunt for my soulmate deck. It’s a superstition that the best decks are gifted from a reader, so if one of my decks reminds me of someone, I’ll gift it to them. It keeps the collection down to a manageable size.



For Christmas my wife is getting some Hot Wheels stuff for my grandson (who is 3). It is so funny about boys liking tractors, cars and trains and such… it is so true. He is mildly obsessed with cars and toys. I’m giving these old Hot Wheels cars to him. My friend gave me three old Hot Wheels garages last night that i’ll clean up and try to find a place to have those for him.