These are my obsessions


my wife is always making fun of me for “tinkering” in the garage…and i tell her i love it cause it eases my mind and i like to go through my “shit” and organize and declutter and make space for more.

what is a soulmate deck?


I collect baseball, football, hockey and basketball cards. Most of mine are really old and a lot of them are a little beat up, but I don’t care I still need to save them all. Maybe Shepherd will like to have them when i’m gone.


i still have mine!!!


I am obsessed with any stupid thing I said or did recently.


There are so many tarot decks released each year, and a standard deck has 78 cards or pieces of artwork in it. I’m looking for a deck that I would love enough to use exclusively. Until I find it, I read with a borderless Rider Waite Smith deck, which is the most ubiquitous deck there is.


dude. like most things…sounds like a whole new world and language!!!


I find it hard to believe there’s much to go over. :heart:


Have you ever had a tarot reading done? :slight_smile:




I’ve moved five times in the last ten years, which has really helped cut down on how much shit I have. But then I’m buying too many books, which are an obsession. Books and live music. That’s pretty much it for me.


I know you collect a lot of things that have to be physical format, but goddamn, moving those last books out of my living room reaffirmed my decision to buy Kindle versions. Those books were SO dusty. And figuring out where to stash something that heavy in a house this small was not an easy feat. They ended up in the shelf at the top of the nursery closet, strongest shelf in the house.


Lots of books I collect aren’t available on Kindle, but yeah physical books are a pain. My wife is not happy with my book buying habit. I had to stop buying CDs, because I couldn’t store them.


My first husband was the same way with CDs…. It was pretty much the only thing he spent money on, and there would be these shopping bags half my height just filled with CDs that got audited out of the shelves all over the house. So many CDs!!! I think about selling all my records sometimes. It’s like if you have a collection, you feel obligated to add to it. I haven’t decided yet, but I did go through and sell all the records I was only lukewarm on on Craigslist recently. That’s like 36 more records I actually like I could potentially have instead.


So my daughter’s father started playing Pokémon cards with her, and now all four of us (my ex-husband, my daughter, me, my husband) have our own binders of Pokémon cards. We’re also going on a daily five mile walk with the kiddos while playing Pokémon Go. We’re Pokémon crazy over here.


I have a binder full of women.


I like a poke bowl. Mon.


I did this woodblock print several years ago when the Pokemon Go craze was going on. I went to a park one day and found a lot of people wandering around looking at their phones, I thought it was ironic and strange. It’s kind of a weird print.

Also: I’ve shown this print here before, i’m looping - just like in real life.


I HEART this. The discordance between the anachronistic medium and the modern social epidemic hits hard. It’s something a time traveler would make. How much?


Fucking ace


Working on realistic Faceup for 1/2 scale ball joint doll. Her eyes are coming tomorrow.