These are my obsessions


this isn’t creepy at all






Her eyes came in the mail!


I had my Hohner HG200 (I think it was made in the 70s or 80s, hard to say; all laminate construction) acoustic guitar in the shop for a number of things: new frets (stainless steel), new nut (tusq), and reshaping the saddle (also tusq; I had tried the shaping myself almost a year ago, and it was decent, but not perfect). I just got it back yesterday, and it looks and sounds great:


I also just purchased my first high end watch. I spent a lot of time (no pun intended…) learning about watches and how they work, and definitely happy with what I decided on: Tudor 1926, 41-mm case, opaline dial with blue numerals/indices (which are metal, not painted on); 100 m water resistance; automatic (self-winding) movement.


Very nice.


You’re wearing it on the wrong wrist however…


(perhaps you’re just poking fun, but I may as well point out): I am left handed, so this is why I have it on my right wrist. I’ve read a number of articles indicating to wear it on your non-dominant wrist, so I think I’m ok here :joy:

Unless I’m in a serious etiquette situation, I suppose I’m ok. Being a physicist, where those types of folks don’t seem to notice you probably shouldn’t wear sneakers with a suit, I might be in the clear… (PS: a professor in grad school wore baseball cleats to class once. Baseball cleats.)


Listen, as long as you’re not that guy with no base layer under his dress shirt, we’re cool.


haha, that’s no problem :joy: perhaps it’s obvious with the watch that I do my best to present myself in a decent manner, so I try to pay attention to these kinds of things.


I wish I could say the same thing…


Like really really.


Usually cleats are used in football, spikes are worn in baseball. Or am I wrong @thebalvenie ?


I named her Doylestown Girl.

(Just kidding.)


Yeah just messing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is my “Obsession” on vinyl.


I’m obsessed with this:


@DougoBlue I just bought my first authentic 1972 Kenner Blythe. So excited!

I’ve also been sewing for my latest Takara Blythe:


Okay, so how do you dress a doll from 1972 who is named “Laurel Canyon?” Obviously in a kaftan. I looked around and could not find a pattern, so I made one up. The red one is my rough mock up, and the purple one is the first official outfit I made for Laurel…. She should get mailed out tomorrow!