These are my obsessions


Very Megan Draper.


Where is she going?


This one is coming home to me! :)))


I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but I love Oliver Peoples glasses and sunglasses. I have prescription and sunglass versions of the Cary Grant model. They are based on the glasses Grant wore in North by Northwest.

My absolute favorite Oliver Peoples frames are pretty rare. In 2011, OP teamed up with Beck to release an Asia exclusive pair of sunglasses. I wasn’t able to find any or even willing to shell out the money for them back then. They sold out really quickly and people were flipping them for way more than I would ever pay for a pair. Two or three years ago I found a pair on ebay (I think) for way less than retail. I’m not sure the seller knew exactly what they had on their hands. I couldn’t pass them up.

The glasses change colors depending on which side you look at them.


I bought 81 fat quarters today. :grimacing:


Think of all the fabric you’ll have for activities.


Those are really nice! I have a soft spot for sunglasses, frames like those are tempting.

I have Ray Bans (aviator) ones, but switched over to “clubmaster” type ones by William Painter:

They have titanium frames, and are super durable and light. Love them


sounds right to me


I was obsessed with French Drains for about two years. My backyard is huge and slants towards the house. There was a big area with standing water. The whole 1" slant every 10 feet wasn’t going to work with how wide the lawn is…I researched for 1.5 years and found a solution a few years ago. A combo of pond stone trenches and traditional french drains.

I relish heavy rains because I can observe how it’s working. I thought of this due to Balv’s comment about biblical rains.

I’m probably at the age where I should buy RX sunglasses. Like the suggestions above…


“My backyard is huge”

'nuff said. You and Balv should get together…


i would love to have you all :slight_smile:

my new yard takes 2 hours to mow w/ a zero radius lawn mower 57 inch deck. 1.6 acres ready for a rainbow or faithless gathering


“Faithless Street Retreat”


I’ll bring my guitar and fishing pole.




Her eyes came in the mail is how I’m gonna start a song.


This. After a life of guitar playing I am diving into synthesis and am really enthused about what I can with it. With my pants on.


One of my buddies has a Moog one he adores


I :heartpulse: Adam MacDougall


She’s here, she’s here, she’s here, she’s herrrrrrrre!!!


Please can I use that picture as a record cover? My band is inchoate but intentional.