These are my obsessions


I have a better album cover….


I love the picture. But She’s so Nico in the 2nd one. I still feel that for what we do, the first picture is the biz.


It’s Mazzy Star playing behind this idea. I love it. But LP wise, yup the above.


I’m here all day everyday for LorAnn’s Super-Strength flavoring oils. I now own:

Cream cheese frosting
Peanut butter
Cake batter
Black cherry

Oatmeal, coffee, ice cream, yogurt, milk, you name it, I’m flavoring it. I’m no longer at the mercy of companies to create the synthetic birthday cake products I crave, I can make anything I want birthday cake now! It’s almost too much power for one person.

Other stuff I’m way into right now:
Building the perfect manicure system
True Crime Bullshit (a podcast)

I tried to come up with more, but sadly, both boys are cutting teeth and my daughter has two games and three soccer practices this week and I don’t really have time for much. :grimacing:


This made me laugh out loud.


My latest obsession is New Deal post office murals. When I was driving down to Springfield and St Louis, I stopped at every post office along the way that was built during the New Deal. There’s a great map on this website:


Lego. Microdose of mushrooms, a TV series I’ve seen 50 times and a new Lego kit and I’m beyond relaxed and content. My favorite so far has been the Seinfeld set.


I may have mentioned before, I have 6 guitars, so I keep the Gibson J45 in standard tuning, and the others are in different tunings; the Epiphone Dove is in open D; since moving to MD, I’ve written a cool little instrumental thing on the Dove, and wanted to share:

Pastel Blues:


Very nice!


Pleasant stringing @Nebulance

Thanks for posting.


Lovely rack


@DougoBlue @exile thanks everyone! glad you liked it!


i have 7 fly rods. when they’re lined up, they don’t look nearly as gorgeous as those babies.


I’m sure the fly rods have their own charm :joy:

I put the Epiphone EJ-200 in “Nick Drake” tuning; this is awful fun to play:

Pink Moon:


I bought a vintage Dam Troll from 1986. I made him a new wig and a set of clothes.


-Internet stalking and drive by stalking the local pedophile
-My roller skates
-Prose Shampoo & Conditioner
-Doll customizing
-Ashley, my grim reaper doll
-Liquid IV
-Customizing the drawstrings on all my hoodies
-Dressing like my daycare lady did in 1995
-Sleeping with the heat off and all the windows open


Oh yeah, and making S’mores using my stovetop.


As in someone on the sex offender registry?


As in a convicted classmate of mine who is now released. Child pornography producer. MySpace celebrity. Just like to keep tabs on him.


Ask him to buy some tickets for the Ryan show in three weeks. There are so many tickets.