Things that don't get much discussion here


Put 'em here.

Geddy Lee’s bass playing. He’s great, has great tone, and plays a lot of notes without overplaying.


the goddamn rolling stones.


Yeah, we need some ultraviolet around here to take care of that problem. :purple_heart:


NBA Playoffs




huge mlb fan for 30 years now…go tribe


Dave Matthews Band


I saw on Twitter today is the Anniversary of them dumping 800 pounds of shit from their tour bus in a river in Chicago.



I would have hated to have been on the tourist boat that was going under the bridge when that happened.


just realized the sign said August 2004. so it can’t be the anniversary?

This will likely be the extent of the Dave Matthews talk around here…just sayin’


If there is a god it will be.

Also, there is no god so I’ll just avoid this thread for a while.




ugh DMB is just the worst. i’d quit music if they were the only thing going.


:smile: I knew DMB’d get a good discussion going


Fuck Geddy Lee. The only good thing about him is he is a big Blue Jays fan.


That’s the Rush guy, right?

Fuck that guy.


the worst fuckin band ever

from america

they’re a close second to creed, three doors down, nickleback trio


Huh. I thought Rush was Canadian.


rush do suck a fat man’s left sweaty nut

but i’d hate to lump them in w/ the likes of dmb or the terrible trio


Dr John