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Dr. John
Did I tell you Dr. John was at that Last Waltz 40 show I went to a few weeks ago?




Drinks that light on fire


Revenge of the Nerds


Nerds Rope.


Candy in general.


white slavery


Julia Roberts: World’s Most Arrogant Horse


Basketball. This Celtics/Wizards matchup is bonkers.





Frank Zappa


@inky ‘drinks that light on fire’ …like this?


How was it? Was he on form?


He only came out for a few songs and needed assistance walking on and off the stage. It was kind of sad. Can’t say I really heard his playing specifically with so many musicians on stage, but it was nice the way they honored him when he came out. He and one other I think we’re the only ones from the original Last Waltz.


Well it’s great that he is still going and could participate in the celebration. I’ve got his bio in my to read pile but everything I’ve read so far about his career has been fascinating. I’m hoping to learn more about New Orleans too in the process. Sounds like a magical town, more so than Nashville for example


I’ve been to Nashville many times and I definitely like it there, but I wouldn’t call it magical.

I’ve never been to New Orleans. If you make it there before I do I’m going to be upset. :stuck_out_tongue: