Things that don't get much discussion here



i’m staying in bellevue for the squash classic …big pro tourney

and then will be heading in to the big city to play squash and then take in a game and oysters


Nice. Sounds like you’ve got a schedule. One of these days we’ll make up for missing each other at that Ryan show years back.


you should go squash it up, inky!


I’m gonna have around 50 people at my house playing cornhole, drinking and playing music. Otherwise I’d make up another excuse.


When I play cornhole, there’s usually only two people there.


Is this a swingers’ game? News to me.


It’s a Frat game gone national. You throw bean bags at a hole in a tilted board for a score. Kind of like shuffleboard.

The goal of the game is to get drunk in an environment where young and old, men and women, all have a chance to win a round, since it’s dead simple.

The secret goal of the game is to find out which of your friends is an overly competitive asshole.


I’ve called this game bags and up until a couple years ago people were calling it corn hole

That’s not what I call corn hole


Horseshoes > corn hole


What about Washers?


Yep, nailed it.


I play washers.


I called it bean bag toss until my hipster co worker called it "corn hole"
I thought he was joking.


They call it Cornhole in Kentucky. Never played until I moved here.


Me too, well not often, but in my past. :slight_smile:


I don’t wanna brag

But I’m awesome at corn hole

Just come to montana and let me show u


I will take your word on that one partner.



I love how all the Mets fans just flat out said that kid wasn’t a real Mets fan.

The Royals were so bad for 20 years that I would say there were more Cardinals fans in KC until a few years ago. Now everyone is a fan after that two year run and…(wait for it)…we stink again.


Ha. I didn’t know Dave Matthews was touring the UK


He’s a Rangers fan too! I thought the NY alignment was Mets/Jets/Nets/Islanders or Yankees/Giants/Knicks/Rangers. Man, it’s complicated to be a sports fan in NY.