Things that don't get much discussion here


Fantasy went down to the wire in both baseball leagues. Barely beat out dougo for the free league. I honestly thought the money league was going to be a tie between me and Busta. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. What do I get for second, balv?


Get me your PayPal email
I’ll send u the moola


Used vintage furniture




things that don’t get much discussion here…

Halloween costumes:


Chinos. I don’t like jeans anymore. Chinos at work, at home, everywhere man.


Gross. Those granny panties were a bad choice.


Definitely. They work for every look, every day.


Ely, please tell me you wear skinny chinos. Even if it’s a lie.


I know right?

Also no :robot: talk in years.


I am going as Lurch, and my wife is going as Wednesday Adams.


Role play eh?




I wear them pretty skinny. 32 or 33, usually. meow



Where my money



sorry man.

can i email you monday?


Whenever is fine. Just wanted to make sure you got my paypal address.


Even the computer has me pegged as someone that just doesn’t care about fantasy football enough to check my team lineup on a regular basis.

We could write something blasting Dougo Blues for starting two players (Kelvin Benjamin and the Kansas City Chiefs Defense) who scored zero points. However, since they didn’t bother changing the lineup, they probably won’t read this anyway.


Jesus H. Christ