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wilco and grateful dead


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I’m not a computer guy, but I put together a Raspberry Pi and installed an emulator, which allows you to play hundreds of retro video games that span platforms from Atari to Sega Genesis.

I’m also not a video game guy, but I thought this would be a more healthy, social way for the kids to occasionally play video games. The big screen and the two player aspect of it beats the isolation of the tablet.


I built one too. Cheap, easy and full of games. Fun project, good for kids I would guess.


Links to stuff please? :slight_smile:



I like these directions (lots of pictures and no walls of text) from LifeHacker.

You can play everything from Streets of Rage to Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego


I think I used those instructions as well, just wasn’t sure when I googled up the info. I didn’t really have any issues, as I recall. It’s also portable enough to travel with and haul around in a small box.