Todd Snider wise-isms


Todd’s best album for me is hands down “East Nashville Skyline”, especially when you count the tracks that also were cut for that session and appeared later on “Peace, Love and Anarchy”. One of my all-time favorite in general. “Ballad of the Kingsmen” is a manifestation of awesomeness.


Sure, East Nashville Skyline is generally cited as his best. I think Viva Satellite is underrated and pretty damn great. I saw him on tour with the Nervous Wrecks back then, and they were fantastic if a little coked up.


Agreed. Excitement Plan should probably also be ranked among his best. And while a bit uneven, New Connection and Happy to Be Here also have some of his strongest tracks, at least in my book. Have tried to hoard pretty much all of his stuff, though the EP/bonus disc/(or whatever it is) with the acoustic (superior) version of “Lookin’ for a Job” has eluded me.



So someone made a movie based on Just Like Old Times called Hard Luck Love Song. Who knew?





It’s on Amazon prime by the way. I’m enjoying it.


Now I would like a movie based on a combination of the songs “From a Rooftop” and “East Nashville Skyline”. Not much plot, just heavy on the ambience.


That’s pretty much how Hard Luck Love Song was.