Tom Petty thread


I was surprised there isn’t a Tom Petty thread already. Wildflowers was released 25 years ago today. I was in grad school in Bloomington, IN, and the record store downtown used to be open at midnight on nights before big releases, so you could get the album then. I picked Wildflowers up at midnight, played it straight through, and was blown away. And then all of the singles that came out subsequently had such great outtakes–Girl on LSD in particular.

Here’s Josh Ritter on Wildflowers:

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Crawling Back to You is definitely up there. “Most things I worry about / Never happen anyway.”

I still miss Tom Petty all the time.


me too mutineer

his loss was a big one for us all


I miss him all the time too. Wildflowers is my favorite song on my favorite TP album.

I was in college and I worked at a very cool local record store when this album came out. We had a display for it in the front of the store and I played it every day loud in the store.

The manager would leave or hang out in his office and told me to play whatever I wanted. Sweet job. :sunflower:


What’s crazy is The Black Crowes album Amorica came out the same day. I never realized that.
Two of my all time favorite albums came out on the very same day. :heart:


Great to have a Tom Petty thread! Crawling Back to You is probably my big favorite if I had to choose one from Wildflowers, which is my favorite overall, though Hard Promises is a close second. Of course, when I play guitar for friends, I end up doing a good amount of Petty covers through the years, and Crawling Back to You is often a song I turn to.