Tom Petty thread


Nice one!!

If anyone doesn’t have The Live Anthology let me know and I’ll add to the Dropbox.

It’s incredible.


Probably the best live compilation I have heard. Sound quality is perfect.


new Quarantine project: learn all of Wildflowers on the guitar. I’ve realized over the years I have a few down cold already, so why not go for all of it. i got good takes of:

To Find a Friend
Crawling Back to You
Wake Up Time

I know Wildflowers cold, and I’ve played it at friends places so many times, but I can’t seem to nail it when I turn the mic on haha. You Don’t Know How it Feels and You Wreck Me are about ready.

A lot of fun so far.


Nice project! :sunflower:


Making progress!

Edit 9/13/20: 4 songs left!






I like the idea of the drive-in concert. I’d go if one of these shows was near me.


Me too. It may be the only way for a while.


I could get into the whole list of reasons why concert promoters would be trying with everything they have to stop this from being a trend, but what’s not to love about being able to enjoy a show at your own “tailgate”. The fact that they wouldn’t be able to stop you from bringing whatever you wanted to imbibe in with you… and force you to buy $8 beers from them would make them cringe.


New shirt arrived today. :sunflower:


Nice. It looks embroidered.


That would’ve been nice. It’s not.