Travels 2020 - Where ya headed?


We will be driving/eating down the Gulf of Mexico (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and possibly Texas) for Spring break.

Summer is yet to be decided, but west coast or North East/Maine are possible.

Where ya headed?


To work. I’m headed to work. My son just got braces and now we’re taking him out of public school and putting him in private school. If I travel anywhere it will be to make money.


Nowhere too crazy this year.

We’re thinking about going to Texas for our family vacation this summer. Probably the San Antonio area to visit some elderly family, visit the Alamo and take the kids to 6 flags. We’d be driving, so I’d like to do a few days in Austin as well.

Potential girls trip to Chicago this summer and another one to Breckinridge.

Husband and I will be going to Vegas in October for 4-5 days. A weekend of fun, and then 2 days of some lawyering conference out there.

Maybe we’ll get our honeymoon? We passed on doing it after we got married due to purchasing a house. Between that, a wedding and moving costs we couldn’t justify spending a few grand for a week somewhere.


Breckenridge is a treat. Oh and howdy stranger :slight_smile:


Headed to Ann Arbor for a wedding in June. Will drive up, maybe stopping there and back to see friends in Akron and Pittsburgh.


I’ve been to Breckenridge and really enjoyed it, and I don’t even ski.


We’re going to St. Pete in March for five days to visit my mom and get some warmth and beach time. My aunt and uncle are coming also. This is the third year we’ve all done this. Fun time.


selling our mother in law’s house…she passed about 5 years ago and so we’ll use the proceeds to pay off some debt and then take another euro vacation. the kiddos really want to go to italy the wife and i want to go to spain or prague :slight_smile:
fingers crossed.

booked tix for spring training baseball for 4 days in march. then in april my dear high school friend (who is from argentina, but lives in montreal) will bring his wife and daughter to montana …i’m really excited to see him. it’s been so long…he came back in the early 2000’s and lived heather and i for about 2 months :slight_smile:

and the kiddos are going to see taylor swift w/ the grandparents…(LA) and then hopefully a hike, some overnight floats and a memorial day trip down to the blacktail to fish and camp.


I live vicariously through my daughter’s travels. She went to Japan around Thanksgiving and she’s going to Egypt in March… which scares the shit out of me.

I’m not sure i’ll get much of a trip in this year… my wife just got back from the Keys though.

I’ll probably head up to the Upper Peninsula this summer at some point.


We have no plans but should make some. Time flies. Work is eternal.


Moving the whole fam from Seattle back to NY in July…getting our house shaped up for sale, selling it, then we’ll be couch surfing with two little ones for a couple months til we close on a NY house. Going to be quite the journey…Seattle has gotten too expensive and we can’t afford a bigger place (our 7 month old just sleeps in the corner of the middle room) and would like our kiddos to grow up around our closest friends/family and their kids. It’s tough raising two little ones with no true community around. Will also be nice not to live on top of neighbors anymore (especially neighbors who like to work on cars all day every day) and get a nice plot of land up in the Hudson Valley so the children can run free.

Once the wife and kids fly, I’ll be driving across America in our new Ascent, hopefully with my best friend, who is planning on flying out to take the journey with me.

On this drive, hope to stop overnight in Missoula to see Rod (if you’re around), then Yellowstone, then Boulder, then ? , then Detroit for an overnight with my bud from college and his fam, then prob straight on 'til morning to NY. Will be prime summer to hopefully line up a concert along the way.

Please send suggestions for a few overnight destinations between Boulder and Detroit!


I was just in Joshua Tree for the first time. Went to a concert at Pappy and Harriet’s - Justin Townes Earle. Visited the Integratron. Also did a loop around the Salton Sea.


My trajectory:


I feel you. We’ve been talking about getting out for a while now. So many of our friends have moved. We raised our girl up here with no family and it was hard. Sounds like you’re making a good decision. I hope it all works out for you.


I fucking love Joshua Tree. Pappy and Harriet’s is awesome. Wish I could live there.


You can buy a little piece of sand around there for 5k. I might do that and throw an Airstream on it and get some solar panels


That actually sounds perfect. Except that I just read that the Denver’s music scene is booming in part to the decriminalization of psychedelic mushrooms. I think I’ve found my spot.


It’s so funny to read that Seattle is too expensive so we’re going back to New York, of all places!!!

I realize not all of NY is like Manhattan, just funny.

Good luck to the maps!


Moving from northern NJ to Louisville was an excellent change for me. Both personally and financially.

Pretty amazing how low the cost of living is in Louisville for how cool of a city it is.

Nashville is on the rise big time. Cincinnati is too.
We’re between the two and pretty stable. :yum:


My friend moved to Nashville from San Diego a couple of years ago. He thought he’d miss the beach but said he felt at home after a couple hours. His music career is going off. Sounds like an amazing scene.