Ugh. "Family"


I absolutely hate interacting with most of my family, especially my sisters and particularly on social media since I don’t really see them in person anymore.

They have such a deep codependence amongst them that is an outlying factor of severe mental illness that is clearly a family disease.

They are selfish, greedy and backstabbing and that’s probably the reasons why I exiled myself from them. I don’t acknowledge extended family in any way. I block them on social media when they engage me. Hell, My son does not know my side of his family in the slightest; and, while I remain above ground he never will.

I am the “black sheep” of the family because I don’t have a severe addiction at my age, because I haven’t been married multiple times, because I am actually a very good father and co-parent.

Just recently I have struggled with the idea of pulling the plug entirely. I have nothing to offer them and they are never going to get the chance to show my son how corrupt their hearts and minds are.

Just venting. I needed a real place to park this.



Cutting people out who suck, whether they are family or not, is one of my specialties. Other than my daughters, I would pull the plug on any member of my family if push came to shove. Not that I have much family to begin with.


You have no obligation to associate with poisonous people, no matter their relation.


Don’t get me wrong. I just said some stuff but I do love my sisters. But I love my son and my relative sanity more.


Nothing wrong with keeping your distance from the toxic people you love. :+1: