Anybody else been on unemployment this year? I’ve been on and off while I got laid off/furloughed and after my teaching contract expired, but mostly I’ve been on the dole since April. It’s insane the stupid hoops you have to jump through all for less than 300 a week. Right now the state of MO is making us report three job related activities a week when I can’t even really go out and do much because of the pandemic.

Yesterday the dept of employment security called me out of the blue and asked me all these dumb questions about the adjunct teaching I did up until May. It was things I’d already told them, but I guess they were trying to catch me in a lie. Also, I could tell they were recording me on the other end because my voice kept echoing back lol. She said they still had to call the university I worked at to “do their due diligence,” which is hilarious because I haven’t worked there since May. Then today they went ahead and approved my weekly claim and scheduled my payment.


I was on shared work for a few weeks. My husband still us. He said there were a lot more hoops when filing his claim this time and a bunch of questions he wasn’t sure how to answer.


Missouri is awful for stuff like this, but we did get that extra Trump unemployment money he raided from the FEMA fund. I’m getting an extra 300 a week this month.


He’s supposed to get that too. Not sure when though.


It’s insane to me that I taught at a university for 8+ years and I had to go on unemployment to make decent money. And somehow a bunch of people in Congress see that as an indictment of the CARES act rather than the low wages we’re paying so many workers.


Seriously. Fuck them. I’ve worked and paid taxes since I was 16. I paid for this shit already.


I really thought they’d get their shit together and pass another stimulus bill out of desperation to keep the extra unemployment money going out. But it looks like they won’t even bother until the budget funding comes up later this month. And then Trump couldn’t resist cutting benefits even as he wanted credit for giving out the extra money.


Was laid off at the end of March…taking care of my two kiddos at home since then and for the foreseeable future. My wife is a teacher and is back to working (remote) full-throttle now.


You still in WA? My coworker is a teacher in the issaquah school district.


Props to everyone sticking it out in education. Teaching online and the risk of covid added to all the other complications of being an adjunct finally pushed me out for now.


I’m doing my first larger Zoom class on Thursday. Our institution has been flexible and allowed people to opt for online teaching w/o having to prove they are immune compromised. That’s done wonders for morale.


My wife is teaching (college) online. I got out 5 years ago and couldn’t be happier.


I miss the students, that’s about it. I’m not planning on going back but we’ll see next year.


I know several educators here in Texas. Half of the ones I know retired in lieu of coming back to work this year.


When my daughter was a teacher she always needed a second job… until her second job paid more than her full-time teaching job. It made me really sad when she quit, because it was always her dream job.


Yup, we live in West Seattle.


Oh man. The bridge.


Haha yes…luckily, we live in SW West Seattle and have direct access to 509, so bridge issue doesn’t really affect us. We also don’t have to leave the area maybe but once a month, since my wife works in our neighborhood and all our shopping/doctors/recreation/etc gets done within a 5-10 min radius.


Still have plans to move back East?


In that case you’ve got it made. W Seattle is beautiful.