Lowest per capita serial killers in the city.


Nope - not moving anywhere!


It is incredibly beautiful. Was just at the beach with the kids 2 mins from my house, what a beautiful day!




You should make shirts that say ‘Alki-holic’.


The first time I was on TV was in Seattle, I was like 3. My great aunt Bea Donovan had a TV show (on KING TV), a cooking show, called the ‘King’s Queen.’ I was seated on a kitchen counter for the end of the show. Do not remember what she cooked.

When I was a UW student, I went into the library and perused old TV guides, just to find listings of her show.

Here’s a link to a Seattle Times article/obit about her from 1999.

Bea Donovan


Very cool - a true pioneer!


Just doubling back on this in case anyone was going through the same nonsense. The state revoked my unemployment in Sept and retroactively told me I wasn’t eligible and that I owed them over 4k for the money they paid me from May-Sept. I’ve appealed it but the state is so swamped with unemployment claims that I don’t even know how long this will take. I ended up having to take a shitty part time job because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find anything else.


Sandwich artist at Subway?


Here in the UK, they’re trying to promote learning how to write web sites and/or code. If you’re at all good with computers, it’s well worth looking into it. I can hook you up with some courses.


Lol retail at an auto parts store. I’m supposed to be a parts delivery driver, but now they say I have to get a Class E license first.


Oh sure. I’m open to whatever. Got a link?


wow. that shouldn’t be hard though getting that license.



Are we getting a second stimulus or what?

No, I’m not talking about Gharland’s crush.


Not until after the election


If Trump loses, I wonder what sort of salting the earth he’ll manage to do before he’s shoved out.

‘You’re fired!’

steals stapler


I sent you what I think was a PM…


I haven’t heard of anything that extreme happening with anyone I know. Is it valid?


Yeah, Red states in general are a lot more restrictive with UI benefits. Not only who can get them but how much and for how long. It’s federal policy though that educators can’t collect unemployment between semesters if it’s a normal break and they’ll return. That’s what I’m appealing. I didn’t return to work this fall but I’m sure they’ll say it’s my fault.