Was anyone else here a Kids In The Hall fan?


I thought the KITH were awesome & far superior to SNL during their run from 89-94? Here’s one of their funniest & most controversial sketches.


I was a fan. Watched and watched. In Seattle we got a Canadian TV Station that played them a lot.


Was? No, I still I am. One of the best comedy shows ever, they still tour pretty frequently.


SCTV was always right up there with the quality way back then.


I am a fan too! I put KITH behind Mr. Show as my favorite sketch comedy shows ever.


Yes, next to Seinfeld and the Simpsons I’d say that KITH and the State helped create my sense of humor.


The word “was” was a poor choice on my part. I’ll always be a fan of KITH. You can get the complete KITH collection dirt cheap now at Amazon. All 5 seasons, the original pilot & their mini-series “Death Comes To Town”. It’s only like $24 now.


Tell ya what…


Slipped my mind…


Will do…


Blade Rogers


how about the short lived dana carvey show? god this could have been so good had it gone on…


When I talk to college students about the research process and drop an analogy or reference to social media, I think of KITH, because I feel like this.


Yeah i just rewatched all 8 episodes or however many last year. And the Hulu documentary. It’s hit or miss but it never got a chance to develop beyond that initial season. Somehow it’s a show I’ve referenced for 20 years.


yep. this^^^


I’m crushing your heads…I used to watch KITH when it 1st came on the late 80’s. It was fun recognizing locations (mostly shot in the part of Toronto I lived in) and occasionally someone we knew who had a bit part. I can still remember lines from some skits (Dave Foley as a clueless doctor “You know what this is? Other people’s urine! I have no idea why they give it to me”) Also, I know the guitarist from Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, who do the memorable theme song.


Not now, Murray!!