Way Out Weather


until we have a spacebar/shoutbox/talk about the weather box, and since weather talk is taking over threads :slight_smile: , Let’s talk about the weather here!!

It’s cold as fuck here. 17 degrees this morning. and I know it’s worse in Michigan and Montana!!


Same here. I stayed up half the night drinking siete y tres and never once went outside for a smoke. Way too cold.


Ran 5 miles in the wind and 22 degree weather. Not used to it yet. Cold!!! :snowflake:


It’s cold here. Actually went to a hockey game and warmed up.


I’ve been freezing the last few days. It snowed here on Thursday night. My apt is old and doesn’t retain heat, so it’s only about 60 degrees in here.


We’ve got p’ert near a foot here and supposed to get dumped upon, once again.


It’s just been overcast and a bit rainy here, nothing wild.

These decorations by the library and mural made it a bit less drab though.


Been pretty hot here the last week or so, a cooler change coming today, only 25 C. it’s been up to mid 30’s with high humidity , and Summer storms !


Cold wet mess, Good morning.


I drove all the way to Detroit and back yesterday in a really bad snowstorm. Not a good idea for sure, it took four hours each way.

Then I got stuck trying to get up my driveway when I got home at 12:30 AM. I had just shoveled my driveway before I left and there were another six inches when I got back, plus what the plow left at the bottom. Now I get to go out there and dig it out and shovel again.

Michigan is the winter wonderland!


oh fuck! sorry dougolicious


Moon from the yard currently


Uploading… After dinner tea and moon watching. 39 degrees. Only thing better would be a couple of chatty owls.


… And a pint of red wine


…or I think Pu’er tea or bourbon @ 39 degrees.


We have around two feet of snow on the ground and it is still snowing.

Its only mid December and i’m already sick of shoveling.



i’m about shit sick of this.


Is there such a thing as under driveway heating?


fuckingfreezing here today. temps in the teens. But they’re saying 50’s on Saturday. what?


That’s a good idea, but it sounds pricey and would use an awful lot of energy.

They did heat the sidewalk on the pedestrian mall in downtown Kalamazoo though.