Way Out Weather


Beautiful! How’s that tan coming along?


The sun is really strong here. I wore sunscreen and reapplied but still got pretty burnt on my chest and shoulders. Will have to spend some time under the umbrella today, but for a super white girl I’m starting to get some tan. :sun_with_face:


We went exploring today and found a state park/beach off the beaten path that was beautiful and surrounded by water on all sides.




Do we have anyone here in Florida? Not looking good! Just saw on TV the lines of traffic trying to get out.

I have a feeling I’ll be watching the weather channel a lot this weekend.
Luckily my mom is in Baltimore and not at her condo in Florida. Plus she is on the 2nd floor and 2 miles from the ocean so her place will hopefully be spared if the storm reaches to Tampa/St. Pete.



but we have someone from montana and the west coasts

we are currently fuckin under fire here…

glacier park half closed…
lolo and the surrounding missoula area and other areas have been evacuated

i literally can see about 50-100 yds depending on the day

we went down to the pioneers this past weekend to get out of the smoke…that lasted about 2 days until another fire started just 10 miles from us over the ridge! we had to leave obviously and get the fuck out :frowning: choppers and planes flying all over us w/ bambi buckets

it’s just now getting some media coverage…lots of people losing lives and homes and PETS and livestock


Used to be this:


So, yes please continue to send donations and help to harvey, and irma and don’t forget about us up here in the northwest…


Im in Charleston, SC and it isn’t looking too good for us. The storm is so big… wind is a concern but the tidal surge is what most are worried about.


omg, balv. I haven’t been seeing coverage of these fires. I hope all of you are ok. Please keep us posted.
You and your family and dogs and cats can come to Louisville if you want and stay with us. it’ll be fun! :slight_smile:


are you staying put? Sounds like you still have a few days to get things figured out. Couldn’t hurt to start stocking up on necessities and gas just in case…

good luck! I will be following this story.
You’re probably the farthest South of any of us here.



Keep us posted, Balv.


I totally feel you. Thoughts and prayers, bub. Thoughts and prayers.


What’s Montana’s equivalent of Joel Osteen btw?


My mother and brother are in Naples Fl, and have no plans to leave. Mom’s born and raised in Miami, and has never evacuated before.

I am due to fly in Tuesday for a week visit. Looking forward to conch fritters and ceviche!


Solid stuff.

Why do some people never move away from flood plains/tornado alleys? I have a second cousin who won’t move out of Houston even though she’s been flooded twice.


I woke up on Tuesday morning to floating ash.

So basically this is armageddon, right?
Probably a good time to not go to work, stop paying bills, huff.


Yesterday it got kinda cloudy in the afternoon and there were some showers. I’m OK.


Yesterday I was chilled all day and then when I went out at night I wore my fucking coat.

It ain’t summer anymore… in Michigan, we’re chopping and splitting wood and getting ready for winter.


Praying for u!!