Way Out Weather


I watched the power go out for this area in Key West.
It will be interesting how this roof top cam holds out when the big winds come.
Update: Lost signal between 11:45 & midnight EST


Watch four cameras tracking Hurricane Irma


This stream is of 10 cameras in various locations


We had a big wildfire out here north of Burbank a week ago. It was the biggest fire ever for LA county.

I didn’t do it!

My grandma lives north of Tampa, but she’s 10 miles from the water, so she should be fine.


In spring and early summer we had extremely high water levels in Lake Ontario and generally cool and wet weather. Saturday, Sunday & today we set record high temps (in the 30s C) and it hasn’t rained in 16 days. The forecasters didn’t see this hot dry spell coming at all, in fact I think they have all abandoned their stations and are just making shit up now.


It’s like someone flipped the switch here. Temp dropped 10-15 degrees and all the leaves are turning. I love Fall.


Yeah, that is supposed to happen Thursday here - big drop down to normal.


Temps will drop Thursday here too. I also love Fall.
Thought I would have had Fall temps this past weekend at the music festival but it was in the 90’s and Sunny.


this weekend is going to be so warm we will need the A/C.
Then Tuesday we will wake up to temps in the low 40’s!!!
Once again we basically go from needing A/C to needing heat and we don’t get the beautiful weather we should be getting in FALL!!! :angry:


fuck off eh!
it’s snowing here already :wink:


ha. we had our windows open finally for like 1 day and then it got too warm and had to go back to A/C.


We had snow overnight too. Supposed to be sunny this weekend though.


Every weekend brings a new opportunity for leaf and nut shell removal.

I spent 3 hours on Sunday blowing, hauling and removing all my leaves and the beech nuts that fall from our trees. I figured that might last a week or so, but not so. We got a little rain Monday and by Tuesday you couldn’t tell my leaves had been cleared. Glad I bought the biggest Stihl backpack blower several years ago, but its still a lot of work.

Last week I went out and bought yet another super heavy duty 12x22’ tarp so I can haul them down the road to a spot where we can dump them. I really need one of those quads, but that would be out of my price range.

Because of the beech and maple trees in my yard they are staggered in their falling times, I’ll be doing this dance until December.

I remember thinking when we built this house that keeping every single one of these trees we could and still fit the house in was a good idea. Every fall I kind of regret this decision. Now, 28 years later it will cost a small fortune to cut a few more of them down.


i never remove any leaves or shit from my yard.

arborist said not to.

that was good enough for me! :wink:


Some of my overly-judgmental neighbors care much more than I do.

My neighbor behind me - who I can’t stand - blows his every fucking day and gets up on his roof about once a week to blow off any strays.

I generally let mine go two or three weeks before blowing.


pretty sure Steve just mows them and it mulches them?

We have a big tree out front that gets very pretty orange-yellow in the Fall.


Off to see Midnight Oil at outdoor venue tonight and it has been pissing down for 24 hours :neutral_face: !!


We’ve had a ridiculous amount of rain the last couple days too.


I’m guessing not the same storm. :yum:


Someone told me fireflies lay their eggs on leaves, which later fall to the ground. I stopped mowing those areas of the yard in hopes of having a large firefly population.