Way Out Weather


We got 7" of rain yesterday.

Kalamazoo didn’t get quite as much rain as we got south of there. Here’s what the football field looked like at Western Michigan U, when they were supposed to have a game.


Yesterday is was 58 degrees, tonight it is getting down to 28.

I guess winter is here, its starting to snow too.


Same, yesterday was 64 and today dropped to high 30’s. Lows to 20 this weekend and first chance for a little snow.


Heating up here, and Muggy !!


:flushed: cold here


In your dopey F degrees we will be at 1 fucking degree tonight.


even here it will be in the teens tonight when you factor in the wind chill. :wind_face:


Sell-see-us is for foreigners.

‘Merican’s speak Fahrenheit!


No wind chill allowed. Cuz then I’d be talkin’ -13 'Murican dagrees


you have me beat then by a lot. Dougo may be closer to your temps. or Balv.


Supposed to get down to 5º or 6º tonight here with snow all the rest of the week. We’ve already got about 4" on the ground.


Probably got the same storm we got Monday/Tuesday. Do they call them Alberta Clippers down there?


They usually blame it on the “Lake Effect” around here.

The cold winds roll through, usually from the Northwest and pick up moisture over Lake Michigan and dump it on us in the form of snow.

I’m thinking very seriously of getting a snow blower. I’m getting too old to keep shoveling this shit off my driveway.


Why does Dougo say "Regular " under his name?

You are far superior to "regular " :blush::blush:


They call them ‘Canuck Snow Sharts’.


Gee, thanks.

I could only hope to be a regular guy.

I think it was a choice on my profile… maybe something new?


I did just hear our weatherman - who I have been calling an asshole lately - call it a clipper.



I would love it to be 21 here instead of 7. Going to -8 tonight. I’m using your dopey Fahrenheit scale so you Yankees unnerstand me.


This morning: