Way Out Weather


it’s been low teens and zero’s here for the last week and half and it’s been non stop snow
plowing and shoveling for 5 days straight!!!

we did go sledding on christmas night…a bit tipsy but it made us brave and felt good to play


I wish we had some snow!!! Just cold here but right now it’s sunny and clear. I’m not leaving the house!!


We had our first white Christmas in 10 years. A snowman in every yard. Found out my dog loves being pelted in the face with snowballs.


Who doesn’t?


don’t get in a snowball fight w/ a baseball player.

my little sophia found out the hard way.


Yer lucky there’s a screen between us.


I’ve hurt my arm throwing snowballs before.

Don’t forget to loosen up in the bullpen before coming in and throwing heat.



i always do a little long toss before i let it rip.

sophia gets out of the hospital tomorrow!!!


The girls at the beach on Xmas Eve, pretty warm .


Way to rub it in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is Sophia really in the hospital???


And I didn’t throw a snowball at her face

She and I downloaded a Simpson treehouse of horro marathon and are watching it and Hannah is sledding with friends and Heather is making potato soup

Ozzie is laying down


And we’re watching Lady Bird. :bird:


Glad she’s not in the hospital :blush:


So, it was 0 this morning when I walked to the subway and, this being Toronto, naturally I saw someone riding a bike.



The worst part of the cold is listening to people bitch about it being cold. And those horrible bubble jackets.


My coworker calls those “hipster jackets” - his father in law just bought him one for Christmas so I guess they’re cool now.


They’ve been extremely gentrified over the years but they still make me think of Costanza.


There was a possibility a few years ago that I was going to be transferred to Winnipeg. Glad that didn’t happen.