Way Out Weather


My friend just moved to Montreal and he’s staying at their place at the lake an hour or so north of town through the holidays. He said it was -21F there.


Is anybody not cold as fuck right now?


i am.

tired of this fucking snow too


really sick of this snow already.

Can’t shovel because my back hurts too much. My wife’s car is a 4-wheel drive thing with big tires so we just keep driving that one.


Coldest temps we’ve seen in Louisville in years!!
No snow though just bitter bitter cold.


Our pipes froze for the first time ever. We had the plumber out who heated them up through the walls, and now we have heaters under the sinks. Water bill will be big as all facets are running but better than busted pipes.


-4 when I left for work this morning with a -24 wind chill. I don’t know how accurate wind chill is, but it was fucking cold. At least we are far enough inland to escape the bomb cyclone.


That’s outrageous. It’s 12 here, 4 with the windchill and that feels horrible. Stay inside!


I plan to stay inside. It’s 0 now and that will be our high tomorrow so I plan to do laundry, watch the Chiefs’ playoff game and then watch the Leafs. Doesn’t help I am just getting over the nastiest cold I have had in memory. It’s about 2 weeks and counting. We get into the 30’s on Monday. That will feel like spring.


Seriously. Go Chiefs!!!

Hopefully monkey doesn’t see this post. He hates football and all people who mention it. :angry:


I think the Chiefs will be OK. Not even sure how the Titans made the playoffs.


Won’t tell you what it is here . . . But I’ll have a cold time next month, off to Japan and maybe Seoul for a couple of days, where it is currently -7 F … :snowflake::cloud_with_snow:


Olympics are coming up next month in Seoul. My buddies son-in-law is going to be covering the hockey on TV. It is a 22-hour trip for him to get there from New Jersey.


You best rethink. We blew it!


Totally blew it. Very sad in our house.


Warming up here today. But how do we have 63 one day and 9 three days later???

It shouldn’t be 63 in January.


You’re a Chiefs fan in Kentucky?


Well I’m a Ravens fan bc I’m from Baltimore but my boyfriend is a life long Chiefs fan. He’s lived in Louisville his whole life and never had a team. So I always pull for The Chiefs too.

We thought we were going to face each other in the playoffs but the Ravens lost too.


School closures, man.

Working from home and trying to get your kids to make a book about imaginary animals, so they’ll leave you alone so you can work.

No puffy jackets…


A buddy of mine drove all the way up here from S. Carolina to go ice fishing. I told him I won’t cross the street to go ice fishing.

Here he is with his three brothers on the lake. They caught a couple of pike and a perch or two.