Way Out Weather


Going up to 60 here today which will likely break the record (normal is about 35) but it has been raining for about 18 hours and more to come. Can’t have everything I guess. The high on Thursday will in fact be 37.


72 today. I’ll take it.


Snow here again. Fourth time this year. Once a year is the norm here.
I still don’t miss Hawaii, though.


Wow! That’s cold!!! Hope your chickens survived. :chicken:


Bok bok


When I got home our city was flooded. Worst I’ve ever seen it in Kalamazoo.


How’s your home? Are you okay?


Louisville is badly flooded as well. Worst here since 1997. The Ohio River has overflowed downtown. I live 15 minutes from downtown and aside from some yard flooding, we are fine here. We don’t have basements in my neighborhood bc the water table is too high.

Some pics from the news:

The cow pic is very sad. Not sure where he came from. :disappointed: That lawn is where the Forecastle Festival is held every year. Half of it is under water right now.





Wow, hope you are both Ok , Brisbane has had a few bad floods, it’s quite scary how high and quickly the water can rise. Be safe .


Hope your abode is ok.


Thanks guys. We are just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

My white dog is getting muddy in the backyard and has to get his paws and legs washed every time he goes out, but house is fine otherwise. We’ve had some lakes in the yard when the rain was falling fast but it has stopped raining for now!


Yes, we are fine here… no water damage at our house.

We had about three feet of snow when we left, then last Wednesday the temperature rose and it rained hard all day. On top of melting all that snow and the ground being frozen, we got like 2 or 3" of rain.


This is for those in the UK preparing for winter storm Emma:


@DougoBlue & @LBSUNFLWR

I read about the flooding yesterday.
Glad to hear that you guys are both ok.


Global warming, etc.


I bet mr gay would sit on it


75 right now. 30 tomorrow morning.
Weather in KY is ridiculous



Similar here in KC. 50s/60s for almost a month. Then 20s on Sunday and snow. 30/40s rest of the week minus tomorrow which is listed as having a high in the 60s and a low in the mid 30s.