Way Out Weather


The 75 today has now turned into Tornado watch and rain storms until midnight.


R a i n .


Sunny with cherry blossoms everywhere! :sun_with_face: :cherry_blossom:
Spring is here!:sunflower::tulip::blossom:


4 inches of snow here today. Darn global warming.


It’s been so warm I’ve been doing tons of gardening.
Just finished planting some carolina jasmine in the garden.

Last week I planted some pink jasmine and I also made a small Christmas rose garden.
This year the cherry blossoms bloomed 10 days earlier than last year!


it’s currently dumping snow.


Yeah, we’re getting shat upon as well.


It’s snowing in Toronto right now. We should be close to 50, but we are around 30 or so, and no improvement for a couple of weeks. Maybe. Seems like the forecast changes every day here. But, in general, spring is blowing donkeys.


pissed all over us for softball practice last night…wind blew sideways…girls were frickin champs.

it’s us 4 coaches so we had them rotating through different stations and moving at all times…kept them warm…but my dick froze and fell off…

it snowed a lot last night and everything is fucking frozen. had to sledgehammer the ice off my truck.


fuck you!


Good thing none of the girls found that… would have scarred them for life.



i made a point to walk it off and play it cool


Rub some dirt on it and play on.


cept the dirt here is fucking frozen


speaking of shitty teams…how’s your fantasy baseball team looking this year? you happy?


I haven’t had a chance to bond with my team yet. I’ve only got one or two guys I’ve heard of.



get rid of any clubhouse cancer you may have…



Nice to see we are a week into the season and Miggy is already hurt. The over/under on how long until Victor Martinez goes down with an injury is 8 days.

I’ve already lost interest in the Tigers and baseball… and its still snowing here.




Looks like a Colorado low is going to fuck everybody’s weekend up. Can I blame balv for this? Colorado…Montana …they’r eall the same right?


Thanks a lot Balv!