Way Out Weather


Still raining here. We have had (in no particular order) ice pellets, freezing rain, rain and snow the last few days along with very high winds. More snow on the way. Thanks balv!


Snowing in Louisville. WTF.


Blue jays game tonight is in trouble of being postponed - and we have a dome, which apparently is leaking. Also there are big chunks of ice falling off the CN Tower which is right next door, so you can’t even walk to the entrance safely.


girls softball game cancelled for tonight.


Buncha wusses.


fields are flooded


We played out in the snow for the second week in a row for our disc golf league.

We kept saying over and over “its better than rain”.


This weather has impacted me - my local bar couldn’t open yesterday due to some flooding. When will this nightmare end?


you will rebuild ghar.

thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

don’t die.


They have reopened. People are putting their lives back together. We are drinkers!


Praise Allah!


… then drink you shall!


I’m nursing my annual post-bowling banquet headache.

And woke up to snow accumulation for something like the fifth day in a row. :-/


Suck it up buttercup! You call yourself a bowler?


My buddy John is here now from Montreal. He said at their cottage up north (an hour or so from the city) never got above -10f all of January.

The boys are in town for a weekend of jamming.


Ask him how the Canadiens did this year.


I love rooting for the Leafs!


It’s in the high 70’s today. Saturday night it went down to about 30. We went from wind chills to humidex literally overnight


88 here and it isn’t even noon yet. T-storms rolling thru this afternoon.


Mid 90’s in Louisville and disgusting. They say it feels like 105 with the humidity. Not even summer yet officially.